The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Jade Spectre as “VIXEN”


The Fashion Teller: Femme Fatale


MODEL: Jade Spectre
BODYGUARDS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne
FASHION: Bliss Couture, Men are wearing Gabriel

Vixen is a breathtakingly attractive woman who is deceiving and cunning in a 1940′s film noir setting. She is manipulative and usually wrapped up in a complex web of deceit, mystery and murder.

She exhaled a long wisp of smoke with absolutely no emotion in her face.
She knows that the poison she used to kill the man will vanish without a trace.
She motioned at her body guards to get rid of the dead body at her feet.
Murder and money makes life oh so sweet.


SEXIEST SL Eye Candy Picture of the Week: Jade Specter

Yummy Eye Candy PICTURE of the WEEK:

MODEL: Jade Specter



This picture made it to the TOP SHELF & FRONT PAGE at the candy store and named Sexiest Picture of the Week.

Do you have what it takes to be SEXY?

If you think you can cause traffic accidents when you strut your stuff on the street or cause sudden mental breakdown and excessive drooling…

This group is for you.

Post those SEXY HAWT pictures. No Drama and Have Fun.

Join the SECOND Life Eye Candy Flickr Group:

Warning: This Flickr Group may have Adult content and tasteful Nudity.


FASHION & MUSIC: Alicia Key’s Tender Love Starring Jade Spectre


MODEL: Jade Spectre

PHOTOGRAPHER: Barney Roundel

FASHION: Lingerie: Angel Dessous: Jenna in Night

MODEL INFO: I’ve been in SL since 2005. I’ve done so many things from building and designing to owning a club. I co-own a shape and photography studio with my sister which is being totally revamped and should be open for business soon. I love exploring all the beautiful sims in SL and taking photos. I have been a shopaholic from the day I rezzed in SL. LOL. In Nov of 2009 I tried out for a few JCNY contests and won. After being on the runway with guidance from Hermione Mocha, I fell in love with modeling. I realized at that point that my love of shopping, styling and photography could all be combined into one and I’ve enjoyed every minute since, especially the friends I’ve made along the way.

PICTURE INFO: This picture was picked for a CSLTM spotlight due to the sexy sensuality that is apparent in the picture. It also has a soft elegance that makes the picture look realistic. It is a fantastic picture deserving of a CSLTM spotlight. *If you want your picture to be picked for a spotlight here at Confessions, Kindly join our Flickr group and post your awesome pictures here:

MUSIC: Tender Love

ARTIST: Alicia Keys


LYRICS: Tender Love

Here I lay all alone
Tossing turning
Longing for some of your
Tender love
I’m waiting for the right
moment to come
So I can thank you for
All the tender love you’ve given to me

Tender love
Love so tender
Pulling me close to you
Baby I surrender

Candles they light the dark
Now I see how
Lovely the feelings are
All the tender love you’ve given to me

I want you more and more
Can’t resist you
Move then I feel your touch
Tender love
Jabbing me straight from the heart
Lonely mirror
Please let me be a part
Of the tender love you’ve given to me

Tender love
Love so tender
Pulling me close to you
Baby I surrender


Jade Specter: Champagne! Sparkling Face of November 2010



Champagne is holding a contest for MEN AND WOMEN. This is a monthly event. This is to find beautiful, elegant people in SL, who can represent the sparkling and glamorous flair of Champagne Designs . This will be a great opportunity for everyone who enjoys fashion and want to be a model.

What do you have to do?

– first join the CHAMPAGNE! contest sparkling face of the month group on Flickr : and join the contest group

– make a nice picture , wearing one of the outfits of CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion ,

you can place 3 maximun per avatar (min. 512 x 512 pixels)

– rename them CHAMPAGNE CONTEST ” your name”

Enzo Champagne will pick 3 names each 15th of month:

-3th Place win a store card value 500l

-2nd Place win a store card value 1500l

and the winner ,

-1st Place win to be in the AD of Champagne in BOSL and Avenue Magazines (So you have to be avaiable to do the photoshoot) and in stores.

And win too a storecard value 5000l

In addition, each month we will feature you on our website:


Competition Dates


You have to submit your photos until 15th of each month. The winners will be announced on the 15th in the night of each month.

So the deadlines are always in the 15th.


Rules of the Competition


1. You must be wearing a Champagne outfit (male or female).

2. You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different Champagne outfit).

3. No logos, signs or names are allowed on the photographs.

4. The size of the photographes is 1024×1024 pixels, min 512

5. Champagne reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected;

6.You give Champagne all your rights to use your pics for promotions ,etc..