IMA Presents Sydney Fashion Week

IMA Sydney Fashion Week

Show Graphic by Badon Rain

International Modeling Agency Inc.



Where: Sydney Harbour Secondlife

Location: url to come

When: August 17 – 22, 2012
The Sydney Fashion Week will showcase different statements from casual chic to avant garde. Inspired by the wonderful and sophisticated ambiance of the inspired SYDNEY Harbour along with its extravagant and iconic landmarks. This event will focus on the impressive architecture brought to life through the collections that will walk on the runway.

There will be two stages. The opening show and the finale show will be held on a very artistic interpretation of the iconic Sydney Opera House. These shows will open with a short performance by the fantastic Australian Guerrilla Burlesque.

One of IMA’s objectives to promote the fantastic sl fashion industry within the Australian community. The buildings and features of the sim has been inspired by the iconic buildings of the Sydney Harbour. The 15 shows will be executed over the magical bora bora water and guests will be seated on either of the IMA boats or yachts. All guests can also hop on any of the provided windsurfers and sail around the sim and the festivities. Pick up an exclusive IMA Inc Sydney Fashion Week item or find the free treasurers on the sim.

Opening Show: Friday 17 August 2012 – all designers plus Guerrilla Burlesque

Director: Ananya Mai
Show time: 8amslt
Host: Sudevi (darkevilone.demonia)
Scriptwriter: Sudevi (darkevilone.demonia)
Videographer: Sherry Noyes
DJ: Justice Topaz

Show 2:

Saturday August 18, 2012 – C’est-la-vie-
Director: Markski Glom
Show time: 5amslt
Rehearsals: Wednesday 25 July 5amslt and Thursday 26 July 5amslt

Show 3:

Saturday August 18, 2012 Countdown
Director: AntoniaXp Resident
Show time: 1pmlt

Show 4:

Saturday August 18, 2012 Loovus Dzevavo

Director: Ananya Mai

Show time: 5pmslt

Show 5:

Sunday August 19, 2012 Solidea
Director: Ananya Mai
Show time: 5amslt

Show 6:

Sunday August 19, 2012 – Ezura
Director: NatalieWells Resident

Show 7: Sunday August 19, 2012 – TreiZe
Director: Markski Glom
Show time: 5pmslt

Show 7: Monday August 20, 2012 House of Torn BY Torn Difference
Director: Marksi Gloom
Show time: 5amslt

Show 8: Monday August 20, 2012 AD Creations
Director: AntoniaXp Resident
Show time: 1pmslt

Show 9: Monday August 20, 2012 Boudoir
Director: Ananya Mai
Show time: 5pmslt

Show 10: Tuesday August 21, 2012 – Legal Insanity

Director: Markski Glom
Show time: 5amslt

Show 11: Tuesday August 21, 2012 – Deese’s skins – Jewelry sponsored by Kunglers and Shoes by Fanatik
Director: Nataliewells
Show time: 1pmslt

Show 12: Tuesday August 21, 2012 – [AMARELO MANGA]
Director: Vanity Philly (vanity.philly)
Show time: 4pmslt

Show 13 Wednesday 22 August 2012 Kunglers

Director: NatalieWells Resident

Show time: 1pmslt

Final Show Wednesday August 22, 2012 all designers plus Guerrilla Burlesque
Show time: 8pmslt
Director: Ananya Mai
Host: Sudevi (darkevilone.demonia)
Scriptwriter: Sudevi (darkevilone.demonia)
Videographer: Sherry Noyes

IMA Inc Presents – Countdown- Boudoir Bedroom Soiree

IMA Inc Presents –
Countdown- Boudoir Bedroom Soiree

PR Contact: Ananya Mai

Immediate Release

International Model Agency Inc invites you to its boudoir bedroom to unwind among the soft couture beauty of a diva bedroom furnished by Morantinque – Mo Miasma. IMA Inc Models will literally manifest from the walls and from the wardrobes unveiling the exciting passionate designs of AntoniaXp architect of Countdown. They will entice you all while sauntering around the lush bedroom to showcase a mixture of lingerie, casual and formal wear by Countdown.

Elite SL Hair Creator Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair will be styling the luscious locks of the infamous IMA Inc models and they will also be sparkled with gems from Mandala. This is a bedroom soiree not to be missed.

Please make sure you turn up early to reserve your seat on the bed

Date: Saturday, 22 October 2011

Time: 2pmslt



Hair: Vanity Hair

Jewelry: Mandala

Furnishing: Morantique


Ananya Mai

Eleya Kenin

Estela Serenity

Furry Fizgig

Katherine Comet

Mayumi Sugarplum

Nala Kurka

Tyra Eiren

Show Producers: Ananya Mai and AntoniaXp Resident

Show graphic: Polisi Artis

Script writer: Raphael Treves

Host: Sheldon Kranfel

Show Producer: Ananya Mai

DJ: Justice Topaz

International Model Agency Inc. IMA Inc.

Powered by Pasarella and Inworld Inc.

Slurl to Countdown:

Slurl to Vanity Hair:

Slurl to Mandala:

Slurl to MorantiQue:

IMA presents DEFIANCE : ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011

IMA presents DEFIANCE :

ETRE VOUS Skin Show 2011.

We would like to invite all of you to take part in this very sizzling event. Cold winds coming will not stop us from having a very steamy and hot show. With the new releases from some of Sl’s awesome skin designers we bring you a season of unmasking your deepest most intimate desires expressed through fashion and art.

Designers Supporting:







With awesome beats from Dj Thorn


IMA Inc Presents *SoliDea FoliEs Escapes*! VIDEO

IMA Inc Presents SoliDea FoliEs Escapes! Video

Music: ColeMarie Soleil

The silhouette of the abandoned buildings created an air of dark mystery and smelled of stale despair….jutting up over the horizon of bleak emptiness, they stood like crooked, old soldiers, devoid of feeling or life. Any resemblance of warmth or light has long since gone, with the citizens of this once bustling metropolis…..or have they?

As your eyes move around the desolate landscape, strewn with old boxes and garbage and adjust to the deafening darkness of this abyss, you start to make out shapes, or do you? Your pulse races and your heartbeat quickens…it no longer feels like you’re alone.

A shape emerges, framed yet not lifeless, motionless but still breathing, artwork and fashion merged, to become one in this dark and abandoned world…….your eyes focus on the framed artwork


Mila Tatham – Designer of *SoliDea FoliEs*

Nevery Lorakeet – Designer of *LpD* Skins and *Les Petits Details* – Special Guest

Ananya Mai – Show Producer – Co-owner of IMA Inc.

ColeMarie Soleil – Machinimist

Justice Topaz – Music

Bekz Mavinelli – Graphic Design

Mozes Resident – Producer of Runway

Paisley Lancaster – Script Writer

Host: NatalieWells Resident

kaidence Piancastellios – Show Assistant

Sponsored by: Pasarella and InWorld Inc

IMA Runway Models:

Adrianna Coba
Ananya Mai
Annough Lykin
Aphrodite Brianna
Leandra Breen
Mayumi Sugarplum
Seashell Dench


IMA presents Saucy Skins of Boom Boom Cherry today at 2pmslt!

IMA presents Saucy Skins of Boom Boom Cherry today at 2pmslt!

PR Contact: Ananya Mai via NC only.

On Saturday, 4 June 2011, IMA Inc will be assisting with the production of BOOM BOOM CHERRY’s skins and poses opening show. This sizzling show will be sponsored by Morantique Lush and {Meghindo’s} with specially made lingerie for the show.

This will be a diva of a show, think of Beyonce and Rhianna.. saucy, hot and confidence plus. The stage is all that shimmers

When: Saturday, June 4 2011 2pmslt

Showcasing designer: Monica Zemenis


~Deesses`s Photography Studio



Annough Lykin
Kay Fairey
Nala Kurka
Valeria Endrizzi
Veronica Krasner

Hostess and Show Producer:

Ananya Mai

Music: Justice Topaz

IMA Presents Brazil Fashion Week


1. (SHOW 1) Thu, Feb 24th – 2PM – ALBA 2
(SHOW 2) Thu, Feb 24th – 4PM –   DRD

2. (SHOW 3) Fri, Feb 25th – 2PM – AIMESI
(SHOW 4) Fri, Feb 25th – 4PM – ADDICTIONS

3. (SHOW 5) Sat, Feb 26th – 2PM – MOREA STYLE
(SHOW 6) Sat, Feb 26th – 4PM – AMARELO MANGA

4. (SHOW 7) Sun, Feb 27th – 2PM – ALB FASHION
(SHOW 8) Sun, Feb 27th – 4PM – DEETALEZ

5. (SHOW 9) Mon, Feb 28th – 2PM – GIZZA
(SHOW 10) Mon, Feb 28th – 4PM – EVOLVE

6. (SHOW 11) Tue, Mar 1st – 2PM –  AVION  MAKE UP AND FIGURE
(SHOW 12) Tue, Mar 1st – 4PM – DD STYLE

7. (SHOW 13) Wed, Mar 2nd – 2PM – ESTRAVAGANZA + SARTORIA
(SHOW 14) Wed, Mar 2nd – 4PM – MANNEQUIN SHOW

8. (SHOW 15) Thu, Mar 3rd – 3/4PM – FINALE CARNEVALE



IMA proudly presents ALEIDA

When: Saturday 29 January 2011 2pmslt
Attire: Smart Casual and warm 🙂

IMA is excited to present the incredible new line of I ALEIDA I with designs so new there still getting boxed as we speak. The amazing designer Aleida Rhode has truely out done herself with these new pieces.

The new designs of I ALEIDA I are ones not to be missed! Our models will also be showcasing I the new line of I ALEIDA I skins and the most fantastic I ALEIDA I new shoes and boots that will leave you wanting more!

Furthermore, IMA will also be proudly featuring the fantastic *Plume* hair by Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson.

Come and enjoy this wonderful show in a breathtaking winter build inspired by the Chanel Fall 2010 show with an amazing line up of SL talent.



IMA proudly presents

..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.

showcasing the wicked designs of DATRIP Blackbart

Watch  IMA models own the runway in the incredible edgy designs of ..:: LeGaL InSaNiTy ::. !  Brave, in your face designs that will make you stand out in crowd and certainly not for the faint hearted! Strong awesome statement pieces only at ..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.

Also, come and see the specially made custom build and runway made with ..:: LeGaL InSaNiTy ::. in mind.

We will also be providing the most awesome electro beats and sharpest mixes in the metaverse .

You will be insane to miss this show!!!

When: Sunday, 9 January 2011 1pmslt

Show Graphic:

Attire: Urban Wear


Visit ..:: LeGaL InSaNiTy ::.   here:


International Modeling Agency (IMA),  aim to provides a genuine alternative for truly innovative designers to present their work directly to the public and  fashion industry. Our agency aims to assist and manage the PR & promotional needs of Second Life designers.

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