“A Little Bird” by RicoRacer Flux

A Little Bird



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When I was a kid living in the Philippines, we had a huge hurricane one day. Afterwards as I walked around exploring the damage, I found a little injured bird hiding behind a fallen tree. It’s wing have been broken and it looked like it wasn’t gonna survive the day. I took it home and wrapped it on a small blanket I made to keep it warm. I feed it and nurtured it day and night. It was always on my mind. I cared for the bird for weeks and weeks until it got better. It started singing and flying all over his cage. I swear the the bird recognized me because it would chirp everytime I’m near. I fell in love with him.

My grandma talked to me one day and told me, it is time to set him free. I protested because I wanted to keep him forever but she said some things are not ours to keep. They are meant to be shared with the world. We had our special time with them and we just have to be grateful with the memories. One gorgeous sunny day… I set him free and watched him fly away.

I am a healthcare provider in Real Life and I have always been good at it. I’m a pretty sensitive person and I love deeply. When I fall in love, I give all my heart and soul. All my time and energy. Everything I am and everything I got. I’m very protective and very loyal as well. The problem with a big heart is that it is a huge target of getting hurt. I’ve had my share of pain and disappointment but one thing I learned is what my grandma taught me. Some things are not ours to keep. We had our special time with them and we just have to be grateful with the memories.

Several months went by and I still thought of my bird. One morning as I was walking out of the house, I hear chirping. I looked up at a tree and I saw him. I knew it was him because he had unusual coloring… so colorful. My face just lit up with a smile and my heart just beamed. We made a birdhouse by the tree and he stayed with us for a long time. 🙂