CONTEST: Four Seasons Model Search

Four Seasons Model search has begun.
We are now looking for Miss Winter 2010


A weekly contest to see who makes it through the heat rounds and be crowned Ms Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn 2010. Then to be crowned Ms Four Seasons 2010.


1. Join the House Of Windsor Collection Group. You must be a group member to enter. This will keep you posted on sales, new product lines which will be out. Free gifts also.

2. Each entry you will be required a purchase from our main stores. This could be a t-shirt or a jacket anything from our store.

3. Send a Folder which should state your name and what season you are entering, also inside the folder 3 photos which must be Mod/Copy/Trans. These 3 picks must be a head shot, a full body shot and one taken of you outside our store. The picks can be taken professionally or by yourself in the garment you have purchased.

4. Then send the folder to me Gracie Verwood

5. Once we have received all the entries, we will then choose the best 10 per week. The model will have the option to model at our store. Each model will clock in each time they stand on their pose stands which will be placed around the store and will be payed 10L$ per hour. You must remember if you leave your pose stand to clock out and when you return clock back in. If you crash check to see if you have been clocked out if so clock back in and resume your posistion.

6. Once in the store you must be wearing a House Of Windsor Collection evening, ballgown or garment and must not be the same outfit each day you model. It will be for a week with sunday being the last day. This will be casual da, so no ball gown or evening dresses should be worn. If you are wearing the same dress as another model remember, its not who wears the outfit its how you present the outfit , so this will not effect the outcome of the judges.

7. The choosen 10 per week can choose the days and times they would like to model in the store. It will be for a week and judges will come down each week and make their decisions who should be the last 10 models for the finale of Ms Winter 2010. So remember when you are in the store be polite and respectful always, as if you are not this will cause you to be disqualified from the competition.

7. You are allowed several entries but not using the same look eg: skin.

8. The chosen winners from each week from the entries of Ms Winter 2010, will then feature in the Four Seasons Ms Winter 2010 show and the winner will then be chosen on this same day by the judges. The winner will then be crowned Four Seasons Ms Winter 2010 . Also not forgetting the 5,000L$ prize. They will also wear the beautiful Ms Winter 2010 crown designed by Caithlin Carter designer and owner of CCD.
They will then be entered into the finale which is to be crowned Ms Four Seasons 2010.

Be crowned Four Seasons Miss Winter 2010
5,000L$ prize.

In Decmeber all the winners from the four seasons will come together and model on the runway to decide who be crowned Ms Four Seasons 2010 and win 10,000L$. Also have a
magazine shoot and be interviewed as the winner which will feature in our magazine House Of Windsor Magazine.
A one off coutre dress designed by me and will feature in any future promotion such as advertisements for House Of Windsor Collections.
Also to wear the elegant Ms Four Seasons 2010 crown designed by Caithlin Carter owner of CCD.

So send your entries into me.

If you need any further information with regards to this then please contact me using a NC or check our website
and look under Ms Four Seasons Model Search

Gracie Verwood.