Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium

Hello everyone,

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium has finally been set up!!!

We’ll be providing FREE basic styling, posing and photography seminars by invited certified models and established photographers.

Our HQ & Auditorium is NOT an agency but meant to be a non-profit education center, focusing on Second Life fashion, modeling and photography.

We also have a mini mall for store owners to set up shop and limited boards to place vendor ads, all for FREE. No rental cost ever AND 100% your store makes goes back to you, not us!!!



Application – Students

1) Need to be at least 3 months old

2) Searchable and contactable

3) Willing to suit schedules of instructors

4) Have a keen interest in SL modeling

5) A learning attitude

Application – Instructors

1) Certified by SL modeling agencies (minimum requirement – 1 certificate)

2) Able to speak understandable English

3) Willing to be patient

4) Able to hold a seminar at least once every 2 weeks

Note : Instructors will be paid.

Application – Store owners

1) Stores to be at least 3 months old

2) Owners need to be searchable and contactable

3) Stores need to not sell copy-bot items

For more information, contact Dougie Boxen by the following methods below ONLY…

1) In-world note card

2) Email :

Opium Fashion Agency HIRING

Opium Fashion Agency is looking for a few amazing people.
We have openings in the following paid positions:

Opium Elite Fashion Academy Director
Opium Elite Fashion Academy Instructor
Opium Fashion Agency Designer Liason

Experience is not mandatory if you possess drive, ambition and vision.

Position Details:

The OEFA Director will be responsible for making sure the academy runs smoothly and all students are assigned, up to levels, tested and graduated. They will also promote and bring in new students and place in appropiate classes. The Director will also plan the advanced class graduation show and see that it is executed. This is a paid position.

OEFA Instructor is responsible for taking on students and teaching students that are assigned to them. Syllabus is given to help follow and plan course outlines. All time zones are needed and this as well is a paid position.

Designer Liason helps with finding designers that fit into the theme of Opium shows. They are the go between that collects clothing, correspondance, helps to set shows  and is the main communication between designer and Opium.  Good communication skills and a friendly, yet professional disposition is a must. This is a paid position.

With all of these positions, you will also be invited into Opium Fashion Agency as a model if you would like to.

Please, serious inquiries only.

If interested please send a NC titled : Opium (position) – Your Name Here.  and return to Anastacia Markova

Please include your name , time zone, best time to contact you, any experience you may have, and why you think you fit well into this position. Please also include any current employment you may have.

If you are shortlisted for any of these wonderful positions you will be notified soon.

This is the first time Opium has stepped outside of its walls to fill its positions. We feel there are so many wonderful candidates out there that we cannot wait to hear from you all.

Good luck!