PASSION Halloween Show

Passion Fashion Agency presents:
The Passion Halloween Event 2011

Monday, 31st October 2011, 1.00 pm SLT

We are very proud and honored to present the first Passion Halloween Event on Oct. 31st, 1.00 pm SLT.

The skeleton’s clattering form:
And pale was his visage, and thick came his breath;
The garb, alas! why did he touch?
How sick grew his soul as the garment of death
The skeleton caught in his clutch –
The moon disappeared, and the skies changed to dun,
And louder than thunder the church-bell tolled one –
The spectre fell tumbling to bits!

—> 10 of SL’s most famous designers
—> best SL models
—> a stage that you will both, fascinate and scare
—> Aftershowparty with the band NIGHTWISH
—> Editorial Clarity hosting
—> Machinima production by Colemarie Soleil

Dear guests, please come dressed for Halloween….

Designer lineup:

* Agy’s Secret
* Aleida
* Angel Dessous
* Champagne Sparkling Fashion
* Faster Pussycat
* Fellini Couture
* Gizza
* Mea Culpa
* sYs
* Tres Beau

* Cherie Parker
* Annough Lykin
* Blackliquid Tokyoska
* Darkevilone Demonia
* Draakje Dailey
* Federica Galtier
* Sazzy Oh
* Chirzaka Vlodovic
* Falbala Fairey
* Florentine Rau
* Jessilynn Brandi
* Tyler Barineaux
* Harsh Sharktooth
* Liam Netizen

Chat host with Edi Clarity: Rhonda Penell
Stage by: Zandy Oh
Script writer: Deanangelo Urquart & Sudevi
Show photographer: Anabella Ravinelli
Show director: Wicca Merlin
Invite Advertising Pictures by [HT] Houms Thor Marketing Agency

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Opium Fashion Agency Presents The Haunted Mansion

Opium Fashion Agency presents…

Opium Tales…
The Haunted Mansion

Celebrating 3 years of Creative Excellence

  A 3-day fashion thriller ride held Oct. 28-30, 2011. Teleport in to the landing area before being ushered into the depths of popular culture’s most thrilling scenes and the imagination’s worst nightmares.

                                                              The event will be held from:
                                                           6-8:30 p.m. SLT  Friday Oct. 28,
                                                     4-6:30 p.m. SLT  Saturday Oct. 29 and
                                                    11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. SLT on Sunday Oct. 30.

   We are featuring designers and products from all over the grid, these 14 scenes incorporate live, interactive performance art sure to never be exactly the same twice. Will you make it out alive or will you become a permanent part of the ghostly chorus? This haunting ride lasts approximately 35 minutes with  3  consecutive *rides* a day,

You will need a free group to experience this amazing SL Fashion Thriller Ride. Given to you upon landing. The sim will be set to group access and first come first serve will be taken. Once the Ride is Full.. The wait time for the next showcase is approx 40 min. Please arrive early to reserve your spots.

Never before in SL Fashion history has a haunted journey been so innovative, so interactive and so imaginative.

Find us on the SL Halloween Showcase Destination Guide, or simply GO HERE.

Innovative…Fashion Forward… Excellence..

Groups are welcome to ride with prior arrangements.

For any queries about this phenomenal weekend event please contact:

Anastacia Markova
Opium Fashion Agency

The HALLOWEEN GLAM Fashion Show 10/31 10 AM SLT

The Halloween Glam Fashion Show

The First Official Presentation of Miss Virtual World 2011 Candidates

October 31st 10 AM SLT


Model on Invite is Darling Tomorrow after winning the Halloween Glam Styling Challenge

Photographer is Valeria Endrizzi


*Thank You to Kay Fairey and BlackBarbie Bravin for the Invite and Info.