GIA Presents “Mon Boudoir Secret” RFL Event

GIA Presents “Mon Boudoir Secret” RFL Event

When: July 10th at 1PM SLT – July 15th at 2PM SLT, 2011

GIA is proud to present it’s final event for the RFL 2011 season, “Mon Boudoir Secret.” The unique concept of the event blends sophisticated works from 5 of SL’s home furnishing stores with 9 designers of chic couture clothing and stylish accessories from skins to shoes offering “Boudoir” themed creations.

Discover who, where and how on your VIP invite.

Join us in the Boudoir!

Model: Charriol Ansar
Photographer: LatrellY Flux
Flyer Designer: Patty Cortes

** Clothing and decor on the flyer are used for illustration purpose only, they are not part of the event’s unique offering


AF11 Closure Party

AF11 Closure Party

ONLY 24H to rediscover AF11 & Closure Party Sunday @ 1PM!

The Accessory Fair 2011 by GIA ends on June 26th, 2011 with a closure party starting at 1 PM SLT. The event will host the best ”Ancient Egypt” outfit contest with a CASH prize set to 5,000L$ for the top-voted! The event will also announce the winning entries of the 2 ongoing photo contests.

There is less than 24 hours left to rediscover the fair. Shop RFL of SL Exclusive creations, hunt 24 items under 50L$, submit your photo TODAY and join us on Sunday at 1PM!

Cool oasis, hot party, be there!

Male Model: Carmichael Caudron
Female model: Charriol Ansar
They wear ensembles by Illusions: Masks & Unique Accessories (Siyu Suen) released exclusively for the Accessory Fair 2011 “Discover the Treasures!”
Photo and graphic design: Patty Cortes


GIA announces Accessory Fair 2011: Ancient Egypt!

GIA announces Accessory Fair 2011: Ancient Egypt!

When: 11/06/11 from 1 PM SLT to 26/06/11 at 3PM SLT
Where: “The Oasis” and “The Dig”… Read more on the website (URL below)!

Visited in 2010 by over 20,000 SL residents, GIA is proud to present the second year edition of Accessory Fair. The theme is set to “Ancient Egypt: Discover the Treasures!” The fair will be hosted on two full sims.

Over 40 of SL’s top accessory designers will showcase brand new creations and RFL exclusives whose proceeds will go 100% to the cause.

Unleash the adventurer within!

Sponsors include Debra Hilltop (land sponsor), ::MOOD::, Gems & Kisses, GOS and Finesmith Design.

Find more information on:

Flyer Credits: James Schwarz


GLANCE Model Academy “Prom Night 2011”

GLANCE Model Academy “Prom Night 2011”

When: Saturday, June 4th from 12 PM SLT to 4 PM SLT

GIA presents “Prom Night” 2011. Dress to impress and join in the fashionably fun day! Meet the panel of fashion and modeling speakers: Roe Woodford, Academy Dean and Cover Girl; Imani Enzo, GIA Top Model and Miss EOE 2011; Serene Faith, GIA Top Model and MVW 2011; Patty Cortes, GIA Founder & CEO; Charriol Ansar, GIA COO; Trage Cline, Academy Manager… and more!

This event is sponsored by and features Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa), SHIKI Design (Shinichi Mathy), CHANTKARE (Applonia Criss), ALEIDA (Aleida Rhode) and MOOD (Jori Watler).

Find more information on:…

Photographer: Atrum Slade
Models: Charriol Ansar and Atrum Slade
Graphic design by Patty Cortes


GIA presents “GLANCE Showroom #48″ RFL Event

GIA presents

“GLANCE Showroom #48″ RFL Event

When: May 13-15, 2011 @ 1PM SLT

Lights… cameras… AUCTION!

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to host a 48H silent auction introducing 25 one-of-a-kind creations to benefit 100% Relay For Life® of SL.

Highest bidders will be featured on CATWALK TV and HOMME STYLE TV special RFL of SL 2011 editions!

Photography: Tara Voskhod
Flyer design: Patty Cortes

GIA Presents GLANCE “Front Row” Showcase

GIA Presents GLANCE “Front Row” Showcase

When: Saturday, April 30 at 1 PM SLT

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to present GLANCE “Front Row”, the closure showcase for the month long promotion of the fundraising event, supporting 100% Relay For Life® of Second Life®. Come discover unreleased and exclusive creations designed specifically to benefit the cause 100%. All the featured ensembles will be available in-stores until July 2011!

Join us in the Front Row.

Model: Charriol Ansar
Flyer design: Patty Cortes