FASHION CALENDAR: GIA Presents Femme Fatale 5/22 1 PM SLT

When: Saturday, May 22 at 1PM SLT

GIA is proud to present “The Femme Fatale Show” this Saturday, May 22nd, at 1:00 PM SLT at its brand new runway, a boudoir-styled stage built specifically for this show.

The event will present the sultry designs of Sixy Graves who creates full-bodied voluptuous styles reminiscent of the screen sirens of the 1950s. Sixy presents several of her new, never seen before releases this saturday so save the date!

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Photo by Julie Hasting
Flyer design by Simone Peterman

FASHION CALENDAR: GIA Presents “The Roule Spring Collection Show” 2/27 1PM SLT


GLANCE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY presents “The Roule Spring Collection Show”
Featuring the Designs of Roule

When: Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 1:00 PM SLT

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to present “Roule Spring Collection Show,” this Saturday, February 27, at 1:00 PM SLT on the Main GIA runway.

The Roule Spring Collection Show will showcase the bright and creative looks of designers Isaa Gelber’s and Mariah Bressig’s latest collection, as the GIA main Stage is converted into a delightful celebration of the upcoming Spring season.

About  Roule:
Beginning as IN ESSE in early 2009 making hair, Roule, by designers Isaa Gelber and Mariah Bressig, has switched styles and now makes a line of clothing and accessories tailored to the casual female.

For more more information please visit Roule in-world

About GLANCE International Agency:
GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency. Our agency offers modeling career development, unique fashion center, international fashion-oriented publications, style consultation, fashion-related photography and graphics, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.

GLANCE International Agency, since its inception in 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes, has the driving vision of becoming the best for our fashion-centric production and public relations services. Innovation, insightful comprehension of our industry, and a thorough demand for perfection have driven the agency’s success which will always act as our future foundations. Our strength lies in the hands-on premiere services that we provide at a high professional level to maximize our clients’ style exposure.

GLANCE International Agency fashion team is composed of professionals from the industry, including fashion stylists, public relations agents, style writers, video producers, catwalk set designers, photographers and graphic experts who are plugged into the fashion media scene. We also take the initiative to constantly liaise with Second Life™ fashion trend-setters and opinion makers such as TV producers, magazine editors and fashion bloggers who assist in establishing maximum credibility for a brand. With backgrounds in sales, marketing design, public relations and journalism, our breadth of knowledge and contacts unrivaled in the industry which place us in the distinctive position of being true brand consultants.


Patty Cortes
Founder & CEO
GLANCE International Agency

FASHION CALENDAR: GIA Presents: Hot Latin Nights Showcase

GIA presents Hot Latin Nights

TODAY AT 1 PM SLT : Hot Latin Nights Showcase
Saturday, 14 Nov 2009 18:02:04 GMT

When : Saturday, November 14th at 1 PM SLT
Where :

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to present “Hot Latin Nights” the sumptuously sexy designs of Angel Dessous, AZUL, Bax Coen and Virtual Impressions. Come and discover our cuban quartyard designed specifically for this show by Bayhoney Bailey. Get ready for a sensual time!