GLANCE Magazine April 2012

GLANCE Magazine April 2012

Featured in this issue…

– Ngozi Faith, Miss Essence of Ebony 2012 on the cover
– Latrelly Flux, Miss Essence of Ebony Founder/CEO, Fashion Pro’ of the month
– 12 pages dedicated to Miss Essence of Ebony 2012 Contest, (re)discover the event’s highlights!
– Brutus Martinek, Trendy Shop Interview
– “Spring Stylista” show-stopping looks, put together by our very own Head Stylist Amalia Foxtrot
– “Couture Queen” and Mad Men inspired “Fashion Madness” fashion spreads both showcasing Honey Bender’s unique fashion vision
– GLANCE Model Academy’s latest Graduation show Review featuring G. Sloane Couture by Geryn Sloane … and more!

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Cover Designer: Sanders Beaumont
Photo Credits: Leah McCullough

GLANCE Magazine March 2011

GLANCE Magazine March 2011

GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is proud to announce the release of it’s twelfth issue, the March 2011 edition of GLANCE Magazine. Featured in this issue…

– Maddox DuPont, on the cover
– Veronica Krasner, Model of the month
– Haute Couture, Ancient Rome and Oh My Cold! fashion spreads
– Trendy Shop: *KPD* by Kathrin Pearl
– GLANCE Fashion Awards 2011: Top 12 Winners, Awards Ceremony video, official website and 2012 edition features!
– Review StoRin: A Valentine’s day showcase featuring the creations of Annah Whitfield
… and more!

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GLANCE Magazine is produced by GLANCE International Agency, SL’s premier fashion marketing and public relations agency. We are an official member of the SL Solution Providers program.

About GLANCE Magazine :

GLANCE Magazine is a high-quality, fashion-centric publication¬† released every month. It focuses on designers, style and beauty. We display the top picks of our fashion editor’s latest looks and chic trends with engaging and exceptional photography. Filled with style tips for today’s fashionista, marketing strategies for designers and must-have looks for A-listers. GLANCE Magazine is a must-read for the fashionable and style-savvy avatar. With the desire to become a fashion bible, the magazine offers fashion statements, stylings and everything needed to define your fashion identity and let your uniqueness shine…always fresh, always fashionable!

GLANCE Magazine also serves as a promotion book to showcase the talented designers and their new collections along with the latest GLANCE International Agency’s fashion shows, fashion events and photo contests.

GLANCE Magazine is published and managed by GLANCE International Agency (GIA), a fashion-centric company that has produced over 120 fashion shows to date, including the groundbreaking International Fashion Day (24 fashion shows in 24 hours) as well as the Accessory Fair 2010, which was visited by over 20,000 SL Residents.

You name it. We are all about fashion.

Patty Cortes
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
GLANCE International Agency

GLANCE Magazine – February 2011

GLANCE Magazine – February 2011

You will discover in this publication…

– Kira Ahn and CheerNo Destiny, on the cover
– Rhonda Pennell, Model of the month
– Wild Wild West, Lonely Valentine and Gypsy Style fashion spreads
– Trendy Shop: Aleida by Aleida Rhode
– Review of Catwalk TV Episode #3: Indyra Originals’ special fashion show on Rezzed TV
… and more!

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Cover Design: Sanders Beaumont
Photo Credits: Leah McCullough

GLANCE Magazine May Issue Available Now

You will discover in this publication…

– Nando Korobase, Designer of the month
– Leandra Breen, Model of the month
– Postcards from the world
– Fashion as Art
– Maitreya Spring 2010 Collection
– Road 66: Bikers looks
– Mystery Shopper visits Skin Flicks
– London Dailey as the future of fashion
– Eros Fenutzini evokes male fashion feed
– GIA Showcases reviews
… and more!

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Cover Design by Sanders Beaumont
Photography by Amerique Silverspar

MAGAZINE: March Issue of GLANCE Magazine is now out

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You will discover in this publication…

– Indyra Seigo, Designer of the month
– Accountant Adzebills, Model of the month
– Fashion 2.0 by Sasy Scarborough
– Over 40 pages of Spring 2010 Fashion
– Oscars 2010 special spreads
– Princess Pierterson, portrait of a veteran SL Model, Sienna Trevellion as the future of fashion, GIA Showcases reviews… and more!