Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Heaven's Door


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Gabriel’s New Spring Collection 2013

This weekend, I found myself in heaven as gorgeous Angels came to present the latest GABRIEL Spring Collection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo. The two day event was a massive success attended by many of Second Life’s Elite. The set was just heavenly with large columns all over a white magnificent build. The floating clouds and particles reminds you of heaven where Angels, ahem I mean models, greet and welcome you as you enter Heaven’s door. Whether in heaven or not, Takuya Jinn’s new collection is amazing showing easy style and comfort which oozes sex appeal and masculinity. I just love a blazer with nothing underneath but bare chest. It is a very sexy look.  The new collection will be out soon at tou-Gen-kyo, so keep an eye out. Thank you to Takuya Jinn and Takeshi Bigbear for having me in this show. It was a pleasure working with amazing models and highly professional staff.

ABOVE, I am wearing a MESH Gabriel white spring suit which includes a jacket, belt and pants. The hat is also from Gabriel called Zebra Hat. I love the classy relaxed style which can be worn in any occasion. In this gorgeous outfit and in this stage, I feel like a very fashionable Saint Peter welcoming lost souls in heaven. ;p

Heaven's Door

Whether you’re a lost soul in heaven or an expert navigator, you should always look your best. I really love this new Gabriel beige double jacket with stole combined with half pants. Don’t I look like a movie star? hehe. Again, the style shows class and easy comfort. I accessories with gloves from REDGRAVE, Bag from Mon Tissu, glasses from Diram. necklace from Mandala, headphones from FNKY  and hair from DURA called DURA boy #24.

Heaven's door

This Angel above is wearing the new Gabriel double jacket in zebra pattern with white pantsuit. He carries a saxophone that plays sweet melody as you enter heaven’s gateway. The necklace is also Gabriel called Crest choker. The gloves is from Cheerno, sunglasses from FNKY, and Hat and hair from Entente. I love this zebra pattern on the suit…the muted design shows the right amount of unique style without being loud.

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go go go and get Gabriel’s new Spring collection and create your new look. 😉


GABRIEL 2013 Collection Fashion Show


【GABRIELcollection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo】

Men’s Fashion and Dance Show

We’d like to present you GABRIEL Collection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo.

This will be an unique fashion show combined with amazing dance choregraphy.
Come and enjyo GABRIEL’s brand new stylish collections and dance performances
with an exciting DJ and music!

SLT 1st.2/23 (Sat) 2:00 pm
2nd 2/24 (Sun) 5:00 am

JPT 1st.2月24日(日)午前7時
2nd.2月24日(日) 午後10時

tou-Gen-kyo SIM——————

Apollo call
Ryuji Yuhara
RicoRacer Flux
Angelik Lavecchia
Steele Sirnah
maxime tyran
Darius Kragin
Ewan Crumb
Huntington Harbour

2/23 (Sat) 2:00 pm Titoso Fride
2/24 (Sun) 5:00 am Camel Mint

Sin Bigbear

Dance master——————————-
Garrete moonkill

Produced by GABRIEL & tou-Gen-kyo
GABRIEL CEO /Takuya Jinn
tou-Gen-kyo CEO/Takeshi Bigbear


RicoRacer GMP

Everyone is usually looking for love but sometimes we settle for lust to fulfill our needs. We seek out another human being for a quick comfort and meaningless sex. Most are afraid to be alone and lonely. Sometimes another warm body will temporary relieve the misery but usually you feel more empty afterwards. This poem is for those lonely souls who seek solace in the arms of a stranger.


In the hushed overtones of dawn,
I know we had great sex last night.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the quiet act of getting dressed,
I know he won’t call.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the silence of our departure,
I know I meant nothing to him.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the sad serenity of our goodbye,
I know I will soon be forgotten.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the emptiness of my heart,
I know I’m just a one night stand.
I know it by the sadness on my eyes,
the forced smile on my lips,
the empty void I feel afterwards.



MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Gabriel Shirt & VITAMEN Underwear




Me and My Bear

Me and My Bear


FASHION: Vest and Shirt: Sey, Pants: Gabriel, Necklace: Gabriel, Hair: Shag

I’m a grown man but I admit I still kept around a teddy bear that I’ve had since I was a kid. It reminds me of my childhood and it always makes me smile. If there’s a fire, I probably will save the teddy bear first among everything I own except for my Pets. 🙂

This teddy bear is available for free for you and your friends.
It is made by Damien Fate. Get one. It is simply cute and adorable.






Please join us as we present essential fashion elements needed for your wardrobe created by one of the most influential fashion houses in Second Life.

ProFashion Productions will showcase GABRIEL’s newest creations, many that have yet to be released and will be unveiled for the first time at this event.

Join us for a sophisticated afternoon of wine, music and high-end fashion.

We look forward to entertaining you!


Angelik Lavecchia
Anigma Eulenberg
Apollo Call
Laetitia Vella
Tanaya Baxton
World Undercroft

Saturday, 04 August 2012, 12:00 PM SLT (NOON)


ProFashion Productions Fashion Venue
ProFashion Productions Fashion Venue?radegast://embeddedasset/1

PFP – GABRIEL FASHION SHOW INVITATION?radegast://embeddedasset/0

Music by DJ Lynn Wylder

Set Design and Build exclusively for this event by Locked Semaphore



ProFashion Productions is a full service fashion production agency specializing in high-end fashion shows and fashion public relations and is committed to providing excellent fashion events, marketing and public relations,.

CONTACT: Roe Woodford, CEO/Executive Director


Fashion & Music: Man in the Mirror


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikey Batriani

Gabriel Down Jacket
Gabriel Three Piece Suit Pants
Gabriel Belt
Gabriel Loose Shirt w Tie

POSE: Agapee

INFO: First Runner Up Winner to Gabriel Photo Contest 2011

MUSIC: Man in the Mirror

ARTIST: Michael Jackson

I’m going to make a change for once in my life.
It’s gonna feel real good… Gonna make a difference, gonna make it right.
As I turned up the collar on my favorite winter coat, this wind is blowin’ my mind.
I see the kids in the street with not enough to eat. Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their need?

A summer’s disregard, a broken bottle top and one man’s soul.
They follow each other on the wind ya know? ‘Cause they got nowhere to go, that’s why I want you to know. I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. And no message could have been any clearer. If you wanna make the world a better place,
Take a look at yourself and then make a change.


There was a time in my SLife when all I did was live and breathe SL fashion and modeling. It was always about which awards and contests to win next, what agencies to get in, and which designers to work for, etc… Though I am extremely shy and reserved, I think I did pretty well and I have achieved all that I wanted to do. During my modeling journey, I had lost plenty of friends, made a few enemies and been through plenty of Ups & Downs but through it all, I was true to myself, I stood up for what I believed in and I did it my way without stepping on others back.

One day I woke up…

I realized that I had put so much importance and revolved my life on something that most likely won’t matter 10 years from now. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love fashion and I love being able to express my fashion and artistic style in Second Life, but I think the obsession and constant need for attention and obtaining these “awards/agencies” are just too much and not healthy. It makes me sad how people act in SL. Some “important” people act like “GODS” and think they can look down and control others just because they gained some success in a Virtual World.  Some resort to ass kissing, back stabbing, lying, cheating, cyber bullying and other childish behavior to get some attention and notoriety. I ask you…Is it worth it? Does it make you feel great and superior to treat other people badly? You might ask….Who the hell am I to judge? I will be the first to tell you that I am NOBODY. I am just another human being behind an avatar who has feelings and gets lonely sometimes, just like you and everyone else. And I am not judging, I’m just voicing my opinion through my experiences. I deeply believe in Karma and I will treat people as how they treat others no matter how “delusional” they might be about their SL importance.

Now enough of the negativity…. lol. I’m not completely emo, I promise. The best part of the SL Fashion World for me is the many wonderful friends I’ve met. There are truly many beautiful and kind people out there and I have the honor to call them my friends and mentors. They have given me a lot of opportunities to grow, supported me through everything and loved me for who I am. You all know who you are and I sincerely Thank you for being beautiful inside and out. My awesome hubby, Editorial Clarity and I have slowly moved away from SL Fashion these past few months though we both know fashion is part of us. We will continue to produce The Fashion Teller books as a means to express our fashion and artistic sides, and I will probably model from time to time I’m sure. I’ve tried to retire completely so many times but a little tiny voice is always calling me back especially when I am inspired. LOL. So….I guess I am semi-retied. ;p

Best Wishes to Everyone in Both Lives.

<3RicoRacer Flux

If you wanna make the world a better place. Take a look at yourself and then make that change.