The Fashion Teller: Murder, My Sweet



MURDER, My Sweet
Cover Model: Sydney Bonde (FT Contest Winner)
Cover Photographer: Natzuka Miliandrovic
Cover Art: Valentine Rexen

A MURDER has been committed and it doesn’t stop with just one..
Find out WHO DID IT.
EXPLORE our world of Mystery, Mayhem and Murder…

The Fashion Teller Casting Contest Winner: Sydney Bonde

The Fashion Teller


MURDER, My Sweet.

DESIGNERS: Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, Mannerism, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, Vaya Con Dios and Vero Modero.

OUR CAST: Sydney Bonde +The Heiress+

Rich, Powerful and Sophisticated. She throws an amazing ball.

If you decide to join the party, be aware that heads will roll.



Sydney Bonde completes the CAST of MURDER, My Sweet.

She is the Winner for The Fashion Teller Casting Contest.

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“Murder, My Sweet” is now in production. We are very excited about this project and we are very honored to have an amazing cast, crew and designers involved.

FT – MURDER, My Sweet Casting CONTEST: Ace Somersley



Amazing entry from Ace Somersley for The Fashion Teller “MURDER, My Sweet” Casting Contest. Picture by Ace Somersley with final edit by Spartin Parx. He is wearing a REDGRAVE skin, one of our sponsors for the project.

The Fashion Teller “MURDER, My Sweet” casting contest is going well. We have received a lot of fantastic entries and they are blowing our minds. Don’t miss out to enter this amazing opportunity to be in a one of a kind, high fashion, high quality detective story book about Murder, Mayhem and Mystery. We have amazing talented designers on board: Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, REDGRAVE, SoliDea FoliEs, and Vero Modero. Please click on link above to enter. Do you have what it takes? Winner will get a role in the book and will be invited to be a model for The Fashion Teller Elite Group ,eligible for future projects.


The Fashion Teller: Murder, My Sweet (Casting)

The Fashion Teller

MURDER, MY SWEET Fashion Story Book

Hello Fashion Teller Models and Photographers:

We are very excited to start our next book: Murder, My Sweet.
We are so happy and proud to have these participating talented designers on board:
Bliss Couture, Lovely Mi, Redgrave, SoliDea Folies, and Vero Modero.

Fashion Teller MODELS:
Please send your latest head shot with your availabilities to RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity, if you are interested in casting for a role in the book. We want to make sure everyone gets the chance to be in a book or projects, so we will take a priority on who hasn’t been casted yet but they have to fit the image we are looking for.
We have a lot more projects coming up in the future so don’t worry if you are not casted this time around.

We are looking for photographers who can do a Film Noir detective style pictures. Black and White with only Red showing as a color. Think of the movie “Sin City”. If you are interested and can do the job, please contact Edi and Rico. Shooting will start end of December and the pictures must be done by January 20, 2012 at the very latest.

The Fashion Teller is having a casting for one model role as well as photographers interested in being a part of the book. If anyone is interested, please submit a picture wearing the participating designer’s outfits and accessories in a film noir black and white style. If you get picked, you will be invited to join The Fashion Teller group and will be given a role in the book. DETAILS COMING SOON.

Thank you so much.

The Fashion Teller: MURDER, My Sweet (Teaser)


MURDER, My Sweet…

Our next book (after the calendar) will be a Detective Crime Story in film noir…
– black and white style with only reds showing as a color.
Think of the movie SIN CITY. Murder, Damsel in Distress, A Detective Hero, Super Villain, Naughty Girls, and lots of twists and surprises. It will be a high fashion story book as always spotlighting the designer’s outfits. We are expecting to publish this late January 2012.

We are casting for models and photographers from The Fashion Teller Group.
We will also be doing a casting contest outside the group for a model and photographers for this book. We will be asking designers soon who might be interested in the project.


Any Questions…Contact Editorial Clarity-Flux.
Thank You.

TEASER: SL Art Couture Presents: The Fashion Teller “Murder, My Sweet”

A Brand New Exciting Fashion Teller is Coming Out Soon that will take you back to 1940’s Old Hollywood Glamour Film Noir Style Detective Classic. Director Wicca Merlin puts no stops in creating this exciting High Quality Story Book that will transport you in the glamorous world of MURDER, MAYHEM, and HIGH FASHION. This book has got it all…..Crime Lords, Detectives, Damsels in Distress, Romance, Murder, Betrayal, and Passion. We’ll put the mystery and excitement back into your Slife.


Mimmi Boa
Saleena Hax
Xandrah Scavio
Rissa Friller

Maddox Kaestner
Clyde Saunders
Harsch Sharktooth
Sy Whitesong

The Black Canary

Photography Agents:
Lybra Rage
Talyia Tarber
Brie Pinazzo

Poses: PNP Poses by Spishak Sorbet

DIRECTOR: Wicca Merlin

Picture Models: RicoRacer Flux & Arisia Ashmoot by Photographer Vara Blackburn