AVENUE Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week

…the definitive spring/summer fashion event

Bloom in style

31st March – 6 April 2013

Fore more info to be revealed soon : http://www.avenuesl.com/  or join inworld group : AVENUE Magazine Readers

From 31 March to 6 April will take place one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Spring Fashion Week by AVENUE displaying exclusive new designs from a whole host of different designers, and each collection will purchasable after each show. Don´t miss this wonderful event!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Heaven's Door


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Gabriel’s New Spring Collection 2013

This weekend, I found myself in heaven as gorgeous Angels came to present the latest GABRIEL Spring Collection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo. The two day event was a massive success attended by many of Second Life’s Elite. The set was just heavenly with large columns all over a white magnificent build. The floating clouds and particles reminds you of heaven where Angels, ahem I mean models, greet and welcome you as you enter Heaven’s door. Whether in heaven or not, Takuya Jinn’s new collection is amazing showing easy style and comfort which oozes sex appeal and masculinity. I just love a blazer with nothing underneath but bare chest. It is a very sexy look.  The new collection will be out soon at tou-Gen-kyo, so keep an eye out. Thank you to Takuya Jinn and Takeshi Bigbear for having me in this show. It was a pleasure working with amazing models and highly professional staff.

ABOVE, I am wearing a MESH Gabriel white spring suit which includes a jacket, belt and pants. The hat is also from Gabriel called Zebra Hat. I love the classy relaxed style which can be worn in any occasion. In this gorgeous outfit and in this stage, I feel like a very fashionable Saint Peter welcoming lost souls in heaven. ;p

Heaven's Door

Whether you’re a lost soul in heaven or an expert navigator, you should always look your best. I really love this new Gabriel beige double jacket with stole combined with half pants. Don’t I look like a movie star? hehe. Again, the style shows class and easy comfort. I accessories with gloves from REDGRAVE, Bag from Mon Tissu, glasses from Diram. necklace from Mandala, headphones from FNKY  and hair from DURA called DURA boy #24.

Heaven's door

This Angel above is wearing the new Gabriel double jacket in zebra pattern with white pantsuit. He carries a saxophone that plays sweet melody as you enter heaven’s gateway. The necklace is also Gabriel called Crest choker. The gloves is from Cheerno, sunglasses from FNKY, and Hat and hair from Entente. I love this zebra pattern on the suit…the muted design shows the right amount of unique style without being loud.

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go go go and get Gabriel’s new Spring collection and create your new look. 😉

RL Fashion Inspirations: Dolce & Gabbana Menswear 2011 Summer/Fall/Winter

GET INSPIRED by Dolce & Gabbana

I suddenly had an influx of SL male models asking about Dolce & Gabbana Styling. Uhmmm, google it buddy. lol. I used to post RL fashion show videos from YOUTUBE here especially if they are inspiring my fashion style. I haven’t done that in a while. Anyway, Enjoy the videos. Got them on YOUTUBE so I don’t own them.

Summer 2011 Show

FALL 2011 Show

WINTER 2011 Show


NEW!!! Maven Haus Collection Show & Competition

On September 26th, 2010, Maven Haus will present a brand new 11 piece Fall Collection in a show produced by Maven Haus, by Elaera Maven, is a contemporary Avant Garde design house featuring unique garments, skins and accessories. To get a feel for the Maven Haus aesthetic, we invite you to take a look at the Maven Haus boutique.

Maven Haus Mainstore LM

Arcobaleno will run 2 shows on September 26th, 2010. We will premiere the fall collection featuring 11 all new garments and a few bonus accessories at 11am SLT. Then run a follow-up showing at 6pm SLT to ensure that everyone has a chance to see these ground breaking designs.

Hamaly Warcliffe and her team at Doll House Designs have enhanced a fabulous production set for this event based on the concept and initial building by Arcobaleno Owner, Vikeejeah Xevion.

We invite you to step into the back alleys of Gotham City to experience a one of a kind collection by a truly unique designer.

EXCLUSIVE!!! As an added bonus, Maven Haus will offer a unique skin to be sold ONLY during this Fall Collection Show.

Please remember that all of the looks presented may be used as the garments for your photo contest looks. Information below for contest details.

Should you have any questions regarding the event or like to be considered for a preview of the Fall Collection prior to the show, please message Viola Rookswood.

Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you at the show!

(Show Invitations will follow)

Maven Haus invites you to Envision the possibilities with our first ever photo competition. We look forward to dipping into the realms of your creativity.

How Do I Enter?

Simply submit a notecard no later than October 15, 2010, and name it MH (10.09 Envision)- . In the notecard, please copy & paste the following and complete.

Model Name:

SL Age:

Photographer of Head Shot:
Photographer of Full Length:

Your Resume:

Maven Haus Mainstore LM

The top 10 will present their looks on a captivating fall runway October 30, 2010 at 2pm SLT. Finalists will be given show details as they are selected.


1. You must wear a current Maven Haus Collection Garment in your photos.

2. Invoking expression is required. Tell us your version of the story with our garments, bring forward an alluring masterpiece, full of surprised, delicate details, and inventive composition.

3. Artistic direction in your photograph counts. We are looking at the full image that you are presenting, not just the way you wear and style our garments.

4. Maven Haus reserves the right to use all submissions in future contests, ad campaigns, and other marketing ways. Please consult your photographer and let them know.

5. Each contestant will be assigned a number for judging purposes. This is not a who you are contest, it is a creativity contest.

6. Only one contestant per photo. Group photos will not be accepted.

Do I get prizes for this?

1. The grand prize winner will receive 2 garments of their choice from the Maven Haus Collection.

2. They will also receive a cash prize of 1,000L$.

3. In addition, they will be featured in an upcoming Maven Haus vendor spot.

We look forward to seeing what you create. Good luck to everyone!

Timeless Fashion Show ~ April 9th @ 4pm

Do you enjoy window shopping? Some might say that window shopping is as much fun as shopping itself. You become alive with excitement as you peer through store windows, taking in the latest creations of many talented designers. It’s the discovery, the planning and the anticipation that make window shopping so inherently fulfilling. TIMELESS knows this and cordially invites you to look through “its store windows” to be visually delighted by the designs of these high-end creators:

Anubis Style
Clio prêt-à-porter
Lillou’s Designs

LM to Timeless Fashion Show at Haute Couture Sim

~ Jen

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents: FASHIONISTA 11/29 10AM

Join us as the ever enchanting Opium Models take the runway for a dazzling show any Fashionista would appreciate. The runway is as usual, immaculate and the atmosphere…chic. It will be our pleasure to seduce you.. This Sunday, Novemebr 29, 2009 at 10 am slt. We are featuring the designs of B!Fashion, SF Designs and *ByKay* jewels. See you there… and remember at Opium… It’s Addictive..

Taken from Opium Blog: http://opiumsim.wordpress.com/

INSPIRATIONS: Real Life Fashion Shows: Alexander Mcqueen Fall Winter 2009/2010

Hi Everyone,

I decided to add real life fashion shows from amazing designers because Second Life Fashions often get their inspirations from real life events. It is enjoyable to see what is happening in real life fashion and trends.
SO, I present to you one of my favorite superbly unique real life designers: Alexander Mcqueen.

DESIGNER: Alexander Mcqueen
SHOW: Alexander Mcqueen Fall Winter 2009/2010 Collection
VIDEO: michelepierro from YouTUbe

Alexander Mcqueen Fall Winter 2009/2010 Full Show Part 1

Alexander Mcqueen Fall Winter 2009/2010 Full Show Part 2