GABRIEL 2013 Collection Fashion Show


【GABRIELcollection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo】

Men’s Fashion and Dance Show

We’d like to present you GABRIEL Collection 2013 at tou-Gen-kyo.

This will be an unique fashion show combined with amazing dance choregraphy.
Come and enjyo GABRIEL’s brand new stylish collections and dance performances
with an exciting DJ and music!

SLT 1st.2/23 (Sat) 2:00 pm
2nd 2/24 (Sun) 5:00 am

JPT 1st.2月24日(日)午前7時
2nd.2月24日(日) 午後10時

tou-Gen-kyo SIM——————

Apollo call
Ryuji Yuhara
RicoRacer Flux
Angelik Lavecchia
Steele Sirnah
maxime tyran
Darius Kragin
Ewan Crumb
Huntington Harbour

2/23 (Sat) 2:00 pm Titoso Fride
2/24 (Sun) 5:00 am Camel Mint

Sin Bigbear

Dance master——————————-
Garrete moonkill

Produced by GABRIEL & tou-Gen-kyo
GABRIEL CEO /Takuya Jinn
tou-Gen-kyo CEO/Takeshi Bigbear

DSP MOLiCHiNO Fashion Show

DSP MOLiCHiNO Fashion Show

Join us on May 19, 2012 at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. as the talented models from Dreamseeker Estates strut their stuff featuring designs by MOLiCHiNO.

9 a.m. Models
Meimei Shiu
Nemi McCoy
Rhonda Pennell
Tanaya Baxton
Veronica Krasner

2 p.m Models
AnnaG Pfeffer
Baila Palmira
Ji Nirvana
Kalyabreea Capelo
Koffie Juniper

OGLAM Presents: [sYs] Constellation – April 7th 2012

OGlam Presents: [sYs] Constellation  April 7th at 3pm SLT

Immerse yourself in the story of love told through a unique experience of sight, sound and movement. [sYs] Constellation takes the drama of fashion design to another level with this theatrical event.

Join us under the celestial sphere of light and dance.

OG Performers:
Angelik Lavecchia
Anigma Eulenberg
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Clyde Saunders
Honey Bender
Koffie Juniper
Mely Gibbs
Rhonda Pennell
Wicca Merlin

Musical Arrangement:
Systi Cisse

Show Concept:
Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse

OG Graphic & Photographer:
Pilz Redgrave

OG Set Builder:
Tyler Ethaniel

OG Show Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt

OGlam Management

Cindy Gedenspire, Executive Director, OGlam Inc –
RicoRacer Flux, Executive Director, OGlam Inc –
Editorial Clarity, Chief Producing Officer, OGlam Inc-
Linda Reddevil, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc –
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc –
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc



㊒       HELP JAPAN      ㊒
㊚ ㊛ ㊙        SL Fashion Industry to help Japan      ㊚ ㊛ ㊙

We couldn’t be indifferent in front at this horrible tragedy and we want to organize a fashion show to raise founds for helping the Japanese people.

All founds raised will go to Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

The show will be presented on the main stage of “Bestyle District” on April 15th 2011 at 12:00PM SLT ( noon).
Every creation is “one of a kind” and will be auctioned during the event.

A big thank you to all : designers, agencies, models and people that help out 🙂

Join us, Help Japan, God bless your good heart

Best Regards

Agtaope Carter Lane
Ellendir Khandr Barom
Mimmi Boa

Opium Fashion Agency Presents EDEN

In tales of  ‘lore..every year when winter blankets the world with her frosty hand..we sleep… Beautiful fairies yawn yet work diligently when Vernal Equinox is upon the horizon.  Planting seedlings with nurture and precise care so when the lands awaken.. they do bloom so wondrous your every sense will applaud its beauty.

Join Us April 8, 2011 at 6pm SLT for a truly beautiful experience. Fairies, Mythical Creatures and You help us awaken the lands to Spring. Many designs created just for this show will be seen first time.

Our breathtaking designers:  ALB Dream Fashion, Aphrodite, Azoury, Brocade Tiger, D Designs, House of Europe, Fellini Couture and Plume.

Opium hopes to see you there and we wish you a wondrous Spring Season.

For More Info:

Teen Talent Fashion Show

Teen Talent Fashion Show

The Eros sim is the ultimate showcase for Teen talent and the best representation of what once was the Teen Grid. Due to the hard work and dedication of over three dozen teens, this concept was turned into a tangible reality in our virtual world. Our goal is to help assimilate teens, specifically designers, into the Main Grid community and we want to expose their creation content to as many adults as possible.

To highlight the creative talent of teens, there will be a fashion show on January 29 at 3PM, which will be held at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.

We hope to see you there!

CSLTM Interview: Lexie Jansma

Please welcome Lexie Jansma, CEO of Siren Productions, as she presents a super exciting and intriguing upcoming fashion show called “Oriental Dreams” by Hugo Designs. Lexie had successfully given us exciting and challenging shows in the past like The MENSWEAR fashion week and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

What Inspired you to start Siren Productions?

I have been planning events since I started Second Life. It happens to be one of my favorite things to do, plan a party and throw it. I love searching for the perfect decorations and working with a theme. Eventually my passion turned to organizing runway shows. I did a few small shows for places based on fetish themes. I was working at Latex Station when I came up with the idea for Latex Fetish Wear Fashion Week. I worked with Rob1977 Moonites to make the 9 day event happen. We had a different runway for every show with 3 to 4 shows a day. It was grueling for both of us but we managed it. After this we got alot of offers to do runways for other places, sim builds,and other design offers. With the help of Rob, we decided to start the company Siren Productions. Our first huge event was the successful and popular Menswear Fashion Week in January of 2010.

How did you become involved with Hugo’s Design?

I had known of Hugo’s for a very long time.  It is some of the first latex that I bought when I got into SL. When I was organizing LFWFW it was very important that Hugo’s be on board. I met both Bianka the manager of Hugo’s and Erik the the designer. Both were impressed with the work at the fashion week that they hired me to organizing events and promote Hugo’s Design. We have hosted a photo contest, done parties at clubs, and several themed shows.

What themes have you worked with for Hugo’s?

It is latex so you really can bend it into anything you want really. Fetish lends itself to so many themes. One of our first shows was “Fashion Assassins” all about spiesandthe gritty streets. We did a futuristic space theme as well “Alien Invasion”. Our current theme for the up coming show is “Oriental Dreams.”

How did you come up with the theme for the new show?

I love all things exotic and have an interest in the orient. I love Japanese culture, textiles, hair and just anything Asian.

We took our inspiration from the modern geisha and the dragon lady. To create the looks we worked with many other great designers for skins, hair, shoes, and accessories. We were very lucky to have so many great sponsors for the show including [M], Tukinowaguma, Axiom, oOXanimationOo, Tokyo Girl, Digital Eyes, and::AK::.

When does the show take place?

Oriental Dreams will take place on Saturday December, 4th from 5-6pm SL. Following after that we will have a little after party with Dj Vixie Durant taking requests. She is an amazing Dj and lots of fun to work with. We will also be handing out giftcards to some of the attendees as a thank you gift. We hope to see lots of people there. The after party follows immediately from 6-7pm SL.

What is next for Hugo’s Design and Siren Productions?

Hugo’s has been releasing lots of great new  pieces. We are also going to start up the parties once again. Siren isgoing to start ramping up for another big project in the Spring.  We hope to bring you Menswear Fashion Week 2011.

Oriental Dreams Outfit 1
Model: Leggzz Brandi
Photographer: Ray Habercom
Catsuit: Cat 2 Red Open Version from Hugo’s Design
Harness: Suba Black from Hugo’s Design
Necklace: The Victorian Necklace Black from oOXanimationOo
Hair: Sophia in White from Tukinowaguma


Oriental Dreams Outfit 2
Model: Queenbrat Bracken
Photographer: Ray Habercom
Outfit: Astra-Cat Black from Hugo’s Design
Boots: Envy Boots Red from [M]
Hair: Kennocha in Ebony from Axiom
Hair Ornaments: Kanzashi Hair Pin Silver from Tokyo Girl
Collar: Gothic Posture Collar from oOXanimationOo


Oriental Dreams Outfit 3
Model: Tia Ryba
Photographer: Ray Habercom
Body: Lexie in Light Pink from Hugo’s Design
Lingerie: Star Black from Hugo’s Design
Skin: Venetian Geisha Skin from ::AK::
Hair: Column 1 in Silver from Axiom
Fans: Asian Dance Fans Black Vine from Digital Eyes

A Special THANK YOU to Lexie Jansma. Judging from the super sexy and fabulous outfits and Lexie’s talent in putting together a WOW event, this is one show that is not to be missed. It will surely melt the winter blues… Best Wishes.



Update 9.21.10


September 22-26, 2010

Limo to International Modelling Convention

As featured in BOSL


Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of cooperation! The spirit of sharing knowledge, showcasing our businesses, growing both personally and professionally through sharing and helping others to do so!

Fashion Shows & Boutiques!   Buy the latest fashion trends and tools!

See Updates on the convention website:


Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency

Convention Owner & Coordinator

CONVENTION SHOWS (more to come)



11:00 am CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME – Giselle Temple
12:00 pm LADY THERA Fashion Show
1:00 pm Keynote Speaker: MIMMI BOA
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SHOES: Getting the Color Right: Dancer Dalligio
3:00 pm SEMINAR: Blogging: The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face: Sequoia Nightfire
4:00 pm INDIA POBA Fashion Show


12:00pm BLISS COUTURE – Evane Fashion Show
1:00 pm DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation – Arisia Ashmoot
2:00 pm PRESENTATION: Vanity Tour Presentation – Katherine Comet
3:00 pm SEMINAR: The Ins & Outs of Photoshoots – Anabella Ravinelli
4:00 pm BLACKLACE – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show
5:00 pm After show FIREWORKS


11:00 am PRISM – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: It’s Not Fashionable to be Laggy – Talyia Tarber
1:00 pm SEMINAR: Kay Fairey
2:00 pm SEMINAR: History of Modeling – A Five Year Oveview – Nemi McCoy
3:00 pm SEMINAR: Creations of the Mind: Intellectual Property and Second Life – Nox DEIGAN
4:00 pm International Model Agency: Fashion Show


10:00 am SEMINAR: Intro to Mastering the Balut HUD – Monica Balut
11:00 am TRES BEAU – PREMIERE Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: SUPERELITE – Amber Quinzet
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SETH Diabolito
3:00 pm SEMINAR: The Agency / Model Relationship – Astrokris Messmer
4:00 pm SUPERELITE Fashion Show


11:00 am iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: Lorelei Maggs
1:00 pm SEMINAR: DO’S & DON’Ts of SCRIPT WRITING – Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00 pm DEMONSTRATION: Studio Nails Demonstration – Anastasia Magic
3:00 pm SEMINAR: SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00 pm PURPLEMOON – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show and Grand Finale

A sampling of convention blogs:

FASHION CALENDAR: “Destination Sunshine” Edgy Fashion Show 5/22 2PM SLT

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time: 2pm SLT


TIMELESS Modeling Agency brings you the “Destination Sunshine” Edgy Fashion Show. Music and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand. “Destination Sunshine” is no exception to this rule. Meet us at the TIMELESS Runway and be ready to move to the hypnotic sounds of our house DJ and take in the sights that are the designs that we present. dojo, the sub-brand of *FDL*, gives you whimsical yet seriously stylistic couture for women. Offering sculpted and luxurious footwear for both men and women is MAGNIFICO Exclusive. So, join us for a chance to groove to the music while planning your next trip to two of the best destinations in SL fashion!



For additional information:

Show Coordinator: Tatiana Kurri

CEO: Pyper Dollinger

TIMELESS Modeling Agency offers end-to-end solutions for showcasing your designs. Whether you are launching your line or you have an established label, TIMELESS will provide you with thoughtful and high-quality shows complete with set design, show management and marketing. To schedule a consultation or to book a show, please contact Pyper Dollinger. Thank you!

FASHION CALENDAR: Timeless Presents Paris Metro Gala Opening & Fashion Show

Vous êtes invités à l’ouverture Paris Metro Gala

You are invited to the Paris Metro Gala Opening

♥♥♥♥♥♥You Are Beautiful Party♥♥♥♥♥♥

Celebrating Paris Metro’s new home in Paris, France at La Samaritaine.

When: May 1, Saturday commencing at 11 AM SL time
♥ Fashion Show at 11:00 AM: Timeless Agency Models & DAZZLERS Inc. Dancers
♥ Live Music at Noon: Craig Lyons Writer
♥ DJ, Dancing and Gifts

Bring a friend and dance as we celebrate together.


We wish to thank all of you for making this party possible and special thanks to:
Netpal Igaly, Ziget Tammas and the great team of the Admicile Group,
LollyPop Congrejo for her extraordinary building design of the La Samaritaine,
Tycoonbabe Solo marketing guru extraordinar,
Garyth Trevellion, Mudlin Sitng and Texture Warehouse for their great design support.
Timeless Model Agency, Dazzlers Inc. and Kalli Birman, entertainment management.

Hope to see you all there :))
Tu es magnifique xox!

*Taken from the show invite

Timeless Fashion Show ~ April 9th @ 4pm

Do you enjoy window shopping? Some might say that window shopping is as much fun as shopping itself. You become alive with excitement as you peer through store windows, taking in the latest creations of many talented designers. It’s the discovery, the planning and the anticipation that make window shopping so inherently fulfilling. TIMELESS knows this and cordially invites you to look through “its store windows” to be visually delighted by the designs of these high-end creators:

Anubis Style
Clio prêt-à-porter
Lillou’s Designs

LM to Timeless Fashion Show at Haute Couture Sim

~ Jen

FASHION CALENDAR: Siren Productions Presents Shiki in the City 3/27 6PM SLT

Tired of the long, cold, bitter winter Shiki is ready to bring a little spring to the city! March 27th, 2009 6-7pm SL Shiki in cooperation with Siren Productions will bring their Spring/Summer collection to the city streets. Shinichi brings his hip, chic, and stylish sensibility to both Men & Women creating a collection full of brilliant colors, clean lines, bold patterns, and earthy sensibility.

Shiki will be releasing the ENTIRE collection for one day only March 27th. After this the collection will disappear and release a few pieces at a time over the next several months.

The only way it could get better, the entire collection will be on sale at a special event pricing of 20% Off. This is a sale you do not want to miss out on! Get your favorite outfits from the runway show at a discount and before they are officially released.

As a special thank you from Shiki there will be an after party from 7-9pm SL. Mix and mingle with the models from the runway show. Meet Shinichi and his fine staff and enjoy the delicious mix of ultra stylish and hip DJ Rusch Raymaker. Party it up or chill and relax in our swank lounge.

We hope to see everyone, for what is sure to be a packed sim, on Saturday March 27th, 2009 6-7pm SL for a bit of Shiki in the City!


*Taken from Shiki Press Release


Come and Join ModelX today 11/20/09 at 1PM SL as they show us the beauty of winter.
ModelX Agency will amaze you with the WINTER SHOW featuring Top Quality Designers such as Bliss, DD Style!, DMD Poses, Fellini Couture, Jador, KWZ, Mohna Lisa, Sascha, Stitch by Stitch and SF Designs.


“Scene It”: Kabuki Presents Donna Flora “DIAMONDS” REVIEW/Second Look.



OH MY!!! Did you miss Kabuki’s Premier Runway Show featuring Donna Flora in “DIAMONDS”?
Never fear… You can watch the amazing video below. =)

WATCH: KABUKI Presents “Donna Flora: DIAMONDS”

FLASH Productions – Ethan Haalan & Lola Baudin
—————————— ————————

Brought to you by: blackliquid tokyoska and squinternet larnia