FASHION CALENDAR: EVANE Presents “Avant Garde” 4/24 1PM SLT

Photo courtesy Brie Pinazzo
A concept and organization by Evane Fashion Director Darkevilone Demonia

with the following incredible designers:

House of Beninborough
24 Shoo Shoes


“Scene It”: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Romantique” Video

“Romantique” Designs by Exclusiva… March March 11 1 * 6pm and March 12th 1pm Opium Fashion Agency Anastacia Markova, CEO Models Gamp Lane Sabine Blackburn Wicca Merlin Glitter Bolissima…
Designs by Exclusiva…

March March 11 1 * 6pm and March 12th 1pm

Opium Fashion Agency
Anastacia Markova, CEO

Gamp Lane
Sabine Blackburn
Wicca Merlin
Glitter Bolissima
Sequoia Nightfire
Darkevilone Demonia

Chat Host
Anastacia Markova

Seren Dawes
Jasmine Night

Runway Director
Katina Magic

VictoriaV McMillan, CEO/main designer
Vasgez McMillan, CEO/main designer

Film & Editing
Primajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa,CEO

CONFESSIONS Job Alert: Exclusiva is hiring store models.

Exclusiva (former known asV-Fashion) has brought glamour and high-fashion to SL with it’s outstanding and unique designs. From flowing wedding gowns, formal and evening gowns, cocktail dresses, classy casual, business wear to stunning lingerie….VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan have designed it all. A couple in SL, as well as in RL, they work hand-in-hand to bring their company slogan to SLife.
As we redo the model group to get the store modeling started please let me, Wicca Merlin, know if you are interested to become a store model for Exclusiva.

As following we have listed some basic rules that you can get an idea what you will do if you decide to be part of the modeling group:

-minimum 5 hrs per week and every new release over group
-payment each hrs 40 Linden

– list Exclusiva in your Profile Picks
– mention somewhere in your Profile that you are an Exclusiva Store Model
– show Group Tag in your Profile
– during working the Exclusiva Model Group Tag has to be worn.
– never show AFK during working, because we are an exclusiv brand
who gives also support to the customers.
-each model will have one basic day to work that is assigned, but free to work all the other days too.

If you are interested, send a NC titled “Exclusiva Store Model Apply – (your name) to Wicca Merlin. Include one HEAD and one BODY shot and a short resume and paragaph of yourself.

Best regards,
Wicca Merlin

Model’s Closet: Amazing Offer for the Ladies

AtomicBambi joins with Exclusiva and Dryad Designs to create the Exclusiva + Partner X-Mas Promo Formal AVATAR.


A complete high quality avatar!!!!!!

This classic limited edition set is so amazing you have to see it to believe it. It comes with a shape, skin, eye lashes, eyes, hair, floral hair piece, jewelry, shoes and the dress. The best part about this is the price, $1L for the complete Christmas promotion as a gift to you, our loyal customers.

The X-Mas Promo Formal AVATAR reminds me of the 1940’s starlet, Rita Hayworth. The skin from Atomic Bambi has the perfect make up shade for the evening look. The Exclusiva hair is classically styled and features a rose hair corsage from Atomic Bambi. The dress is styled in a 1940’s inspired red carpet dress. The dress features a red satin fabric. The bodice features an alluring neckline to delicately show off the bosom and has cap sleeves. The dress fits snuggly throughout the bodice and flares out at the end. The dress is complemented with the gorgeous details of the necklace and earrings in gold, green and red from Dryad Designs. The ensemble is complete with matching red shoes. You will also recieve blue eyes and prim eye lashes to complete the entire avatar look. When you wear this Special to your next Christmas event, you will stand out from the crowd in this amazing Christmas limited edition.

This beautiful limited edition is only available until December 25th.

You can recieve yours at the mainstore or through the AtomicBambi Look-Book. So hurry and be sure to get yours today.

You can get this gorgeous avi from my mainstore:

❤ Atomic