Europe Modelling Agency Casting Call for Male Models


Casting call for male models

EMA is looking for 10 male models for a Fashion Show, with formal outfits.

The show will be :
– Saturday, June 5th @ 12pm SL time (you must be available 1 hour before the show)

You must do at least one practice, and the full dress rehearsal.
Don’t do the casting if you already know you will not be able to be on the practices and on the FS.

Practices :
– Wednesday, June 2nd @ 12pm SL time
– Thursday, June 3rd @ 12pm SL time
– Friday , June 4th @ 12pm SL time (full dressed rehearsal + group pictures)

Stage for practices and Fashion Show :

Castings :
– Wednesday, May 19th @ 12pm SL time
– Sunday, May 23rd @ 7am SL time
– Sunday, May 23rd @ 12pm SL time

You will have 2 walks to do :
– One walk in bikini
– One walk in tuxedo

Casting will be judged on your :
– General look (skin, shape, hairs)
– Walk and Poses (straight walk, good poses)

Stage for the Casting :

Thank you

Didier Rascon and Noah Dionysus
EMA Directors

Male Casting Call at EMA

EMA is having a fashion show for ALPHA ANGEL store on Sunday, March 28th @ 6:00am/sl time.

There is a casting for that show today, Friday, March 19th @ 1:00pm SLT.  As well, Noah Dionysus and Didier Rascon will be accepting notecards with two full perm pictures (face and full body) to schedule further casting times.  Deadline for notecards is Monday, March 22 at 6pm SLT.  Please ensure you title your notecard “EMA Alpha Angel Show Casting – (Your Name)”


LM for backstage pass

See you there ! Thanks 🙂