FASHION CALENDAR: IMAGE Model Agency Presents: The Gift 12/20 3PM SL

IMAGE Models Agency is proud to present
Sunday, December 20th @ 3 SLT


◈ Nymphetamine Boutique ◈
◈ RedStar Creations ◈
◈ WishBox ◈
◈ CheerNo ◈


IMAGE Models cordially welcomes you to our Gothic Winter Wonderland featuring some of the best Second Life’s designers in realms of creativity and imagination. The designers are also the very best of fantasy wear couteliers. As always, IMAGE Models Agency provides original set design, music carefully selected according to the theme and some of the most professional & innovative fashion models on the grid.

◈ Nymphetamine Boutique ◈

Paeoti Pomeray is a designer after a woman’s heart. Established in 2005, Nymphetamine Boutique provides a sensual, and a touch of naughty lingerie and gothic wear that is well constructed and flattering to a women’s body. Nymphetamine newest lingerie collection is sweet as well as flirty. A definite must have for any woman’s wardrobe.

◈ RedStar Creations ◈
Bastian Redstar is the creative force behind RedStar creation who makes some of the best role playing/fantasy skins that is feral and visceral . Featured in BOSL twice, Redstar is best defined as an avant garde skin artist.

◈ WishBox ◈
Whimsical and Effervescent, Wisp Jinn is THE Fantasy Couturlier Wishbox is a fantasy clothing label specializing in imaginative, vivid designs. Bored with the everyday? Believe in magic… Open the Wishbox! You’ll find a special treasure every time.

◈ CheerNo ◈
CheerNo Destiny specializes in men’s fashion and is regarded one of the best haute couture designer for Hommes. Well constructed and masculine; CheerNo quotes “The modern men can be sexy like a girls are.”

IMAGE Agency Models:

✰Annabelle Fleury
✰BridgetMarlane McDonnell
✰Elahna Dyrssen
✰Lauren Mureaux
✰Liliya Avedon
✰Linnda Scofield
✰Lola Baudin
✰Maile Michinaga
✰Phillip Dollinger
✰Seth Diabolito
✰Tempest Rosca
✰Wipster Baxter

✰Seashell Dench

Ethan Haalan CEO of IMAGE