CONTEST: Miss Mode’le Magazine Cover

We are starting a competition for February to find our cover model of the month starting for February and we will have it as a picture contest and then halfway thru the top five that are in votes will be judged by judges to see who will win the cover of Mode’le magazine and grande prize,…….So if you are interested plz fill out info and return to Crowefabulous Sommerfeld or Mikalah Yootz…
Make sure to put one picture for the contest of yoru choice valentines theme and if not the theme will be ejected from the contest and put the pic in a folder named Miss Mode’le Mag(your name here)February..



Picture here:

Grande Prize winner will win -5000k plus be on the cover of Mode’le Magazine and a Portfolio of ten pics of you done by Crowefabulous herself…

Runner up will get -3500k …portfolio done by Crowefabulous plus half page add about the model herself

Third place–1500 and portfolio done by Crowefabulous

Pictures are needed to be sent in folder by January 27th and soon as your folder is received your voteing will begin…and you need to make sure you come to the lm and pay the board ten lindens and put in pic and fill out wats needed and then send us the folder..if you have any questions plz feel free to im us.