CONFESSIONS NEWS REEL: A New Tradition at Catalyst of Fantasy Agency

I have always said that CoF is a family and I have always been so blessed when I have seen you all rally around someone who was down and needed a hug, or some encouragement, or some help on the runway. You guys have ALWAYS been there to help out .

We are a new company on the grid, but because of you we have made it a long way and are looking at the top. I am stunned when I see the dedication all of you bring to your job here .

Since we are young, we haven’t had a chance to develop any CoF traditions yet, but I would like to start one now.

The recession has hit many of us very hard. We have families and need to tighten our belts. One thing we can do is come to SL and play and enjoy the company of freinds here who we may have never met in RL but that doesn’t make them any less dear to us. We make friendships here that last a lifetime and we grow as human beings in our time here. Who says this is just a game?

Well, it has come to my attention, that one of CoF’s own is in terrible need this holiday season. They have been hit hard by the recession and , they have been brought to their knees. I only found out at all because that person IM’d me to let me know to expect them to disspear for a while because they might be losing their internet access and their family is facing eviction. They have small children and have been trying to very hard to keep up but the recession has hit them very very badly.

We both cried during this conversation and then I had a flash of brilliance! Why not help them??????? D’UH!!!!!

So , I approached a scripter and got some tip jars made that are transfer and pay to me.

I am calling this ADOPT A FAMILY ..and that’s what we are doing. We are going to adopt this family for Christmas.

XD !!!

So , I have 9 tip jars available….if you DJ or own a club, please consider taking one of these to rez and letting people know it is going to a worthy cause.

I know who this person is, and so do a few people that are close to us. This is not a scam, this is the real deal so any help would be appreciated.


December 22 from 4 – 7 PM SLT is our CoF FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY! WOOT !!!!!

I have brought in 3 live bands…….

Blue4U Nowicka @ 4 pm
Noma Falta @ 5 PM
and Edward Koyomoon @ 6 PM SLT

I also have a small gift for everyone to just say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to CoF through all of our first year struggles. Without you, CoF would have folded a long time ago, so PLEASE come , wearing your fav Santa or Elf suit or your Christmas finery.

Then I had another brilliant flash of genius. LOLOLOL.

What if, during this party, since the bands will have followers anyway, we offered up some CoF models for auction to raise money for the Adopt a Family this year???????


So that’s what we are going to do.

Butterfli Sorbet, a Miss VW finalist and CoF’s own has offered herself up for auction and so has Mikey Batriani.
OMG 2 super hot models …. drools! No you don’t have to offer a date, you can offer photography if you do that, or modeling lessons, or a makeover, personal shopper and take them to your fav stores, or anything at all. Be creative.

l.ease consider helping us raise money for this truely wonderful family.
This is a short video of who you are helping this year 🙂

Given with their consent BTW 🙂

CoF is putting up a full scholarship, beginner and advanced classes.

That’s one item.

The other thing that CoF is going to do is match…linden for linden, every dollar raised during this auction. Now is your chance to hit CoF where it hurts the most! The wallet!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

You guys are the best so please consider helping this family out. If you knew who it was you would fall over yourselves to help them as this person is so sweet and so loved and would do anything for anyone.

Also, this is going to be a yearly tradition……. CoF will adopt a family every year in November and raise money to help them out. YAY YOU! So you can all keep your eyes and ears open to submit families next year to help and of course, it is strictly confidential. No one will know who it is , not even themselves, until they are given the lindens from us. Then , if they choose to tell people that is up to them. They never need make it known if they are not comfortable with that.

What do you think? Great idea?

This is the season of love and kindness toward our fellow man. Let’s help our family and pull together. Volunteer to auction. Take a tip jar to your club or where you DJ.
Make a bid or a donation. Any amount will do.

Let’s pull together and make a RL difference !

If you are interested in volunteering for the auction, please send MIKEY BATRIANI a notecard telling him what you are willing to put up.

Might be a good time to have a yard sale too and dump all those transfer things in your inventory that you will never use. HEY GREAT IDEA. ! I HAVE A TON OF STUFF. If anyone is willing to organize this please IM me and let me know.

Thanks guys.

Come to the party on December 22 from 4 – 7 pm slt and lets come together as a family one last time this year.

I truly do love you guys.

Lacie Benigborough