Merry Christmas From the NETIZEN Family


Wishing you all A MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.

From Liam Netizen and Family


As I do every year since I started this blog, I will post all the Holiday Greeting Cards you sent us. Please make it full permission if you send it to me inworld. You can email it to me at Thank You and Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas from Karen Michelle Lane

KarenMichelle Lane’s Letter to Santa

Christmas Greetings

Dear Santa,

. . . to all my friends I wish for:

1) a most joyous holiday season,

2) a new year rich in love and friendship,

3) the joy of hearing a song that speaks to each and everyone’s heart,

4) many wonderful moments to fill their memories for life.


KarenMichelle Lane

P.S. Peace on Earth would also be nice! :)