Absent Foundation

Where Happiness is never Absent *

Improving the lives of Avatars one day at a Time *

-Mission Statement-
A|F is a foundation solely developed to better the social lives and gameplay of all avatars disregarding their demographic but fully engaging in them as an indiviual and helping them in their needs. A|F pledges that all the funding is 100% given to the followers and clients of A|F as well as future projects that are directed for the clients and follows of A|F. We understand that everyone cannot afford to pay for the luxuries most can and thus we provide things to those less fortunate in order to increase the appeasement of gameplay. WE hope that you all join the cause and help provide awareness of this group and against this epidemic. “NOOB is a look, not a lifestyle”

Looking for philantropist who fully understand the need of helping others. This charity doesn’t request money. We are solely working to help new residents of Second Life as well as those less fortunate and try to make them a bit more fortunate. We are looking for designers who can sponsor-providing FREE item(s) old or new to the general public-new residents in which will be placed in a stationed store for them to pick up. I dont want any money, I just want to help!

Please Contact Charlie Absent to apply as a Member and/or Supporter.

Maniera Magazine Men of Style Winners 2009

This would have to be one of the most memorable moments in both of our modeling careers. We were lucky enough to become Maniera Men of Style winners and featured as cover models along with Breckin Clarence, Charlie Absent and Vortimer Ethaniel.

The Story Behind IT:

When we first heard of the contest, we were fairly new models.
We thought, There is absolutely no possible way they would pick unknown models like us.
SO we waited and waited until the very last possible minute to enter.
We finally decided to do it because we figured there is really nothing to lose.
We hurried to the Maniera Magazine’s office and filled out the application like lightning. LOL
We must have sent in our applications at the very last second.
We are so happy and honored to be picked as winners.
We thank Maniera especially Topaz and Sami for all their support.

The point is…
Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.
Nobody will listen if you don’t make a sound.
and You will never win if you don’t take a chance.