Beauty Posh Models Agency Seeking MALE MODELS


POSH BEAUTY MODELS, is an agency with a team consisting of professionals with many ambitious projects and a high criteria to the selection; which is why we are recruiting the best models on the market. Candidates who are interested in participating in this casting, we ask that they have full knowledge of some basic concepts essential for good performance on the catwalk, including: i.e.

– Perfect technique on the catwalk (Walk and poses).
– Careful editing prims, hair, outfit, accessories, etc..


**The casting will be held on Friday August 12 at 2 pm SLT and will feature  Matteo Bettencourt  and angelik Lavecchia like jurors **

– The casting theme will be “Beach”. The models have to prepare at least 3 poses for casting.
– Support is requested for all candidates to get backstage with at least 30 minutes early.
– The choreography will be explained as often as necessary during this period of time, so thank you in advance for your understanding.
– Please use the DVC. The models are asked to please wear it.


Complete the note with all your information. The selected models will become part of the Agency and be in the next shows.

Please rename the notecard as follows:

Ex: BPM Agency Casting call – (YOUR NAME HERE)

Then fill in your notecard, the day of casting shall deposit it in the mailbox will be placed in the backstage.

SL Name:
SL Rezz:
Languages ​​spoken?:


Please add 2 photos here:

Full body:

————————————————– –

Experience as a Model:

Agency with which you work or worked:

Any additional information you like to share with us:


* For more information, please contact any member of staff with any doubts who will be glad to help you.


CEO / OWNER: Lacubana Lisa


SIREN Productions Casting Call

Dear Models,

Siren Productions is looking for a few good, dedicated,talented, and hard working female models to add to its team. We produce several events through out the year and are always in need of talent.

Please join us Sunday May 1st, 2011 to meet with several members of our team.

Location: Vero Modero Pool Area

European: 1-2pm
US: 5-6:30pm

Please have a headshot, full length photo, and resume prepared in a notecard with your name and Siren Productions Casting on the label. Lexie Jansma: Siren Productions Casting

Please prepare a formal/couture look and casual look with appropriate poses. Straight Runway, 3 Stops, 3 Poses 5 seconds at each stop.

Please RSVP so we may know how many to expect with either Aren Darkfold, or myself Lexie Jansma.

Thank you
Lexie Jansma
Siren Productions

FAROUCHE Casting Call

Farouche Casting Call

Certified Models only.

Casting will be held:
March 4th at 10am & 5pm

6 female and 2 male models are needed

Show date: March 12th at 5pm

Rehearsal Dates: March 7th & 10th at 5pm
Dress Rehearsal: March 11th at 5pm



You will need to dress glamorous and have 4 poses. Also have DVC attached for the casting. VPC 1.0 will be required for the show.


Open Call for Models

Karch Devin Studios Modeling (KDSM) will be holding and open call for models this Sunday, Jan. 23rd at 10 AM SLT.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Karch Devin Studios (KDS).

Karch Devin Studios Modeling is a collaborative modeling agency that is committed to diversity and fashion forward initiatives.  We are committed to providing our clients with talented models who are open minded, friendly and demonstrate KDS’ commitment to quality, innovation and great customer service in sl.

We are looking to grow both our male and female presence  for work with Pure magazine and KDS clients

For consideration please forward to Jayme Carolina (ONLY, note cards forwarded to Karch Devin will not be considered), a note card with the following information:

Name, a brief history of your experience ( experience is NOT required) and two full perm photos
(1 headshot and 1 fullbody).

Please be prepared to attend a personal interview on Sunday at 10 AM SLT where you will meet with the managing staff.  Come styled representing your image of a true fashionista.

Thank you,
Jayme Carolina


LC Angels Casting Call for SL Models

LC Angels will be holding an open casting for agency models.  We are an established modeling agency that is looking for dedicated models with a good work ethic.

We will have open casting days on Sunday January 23rd and Monday January 24th.
Please read the attached notecard for information and your application to the agency.

Thank you
Shaza Denver
LC Angels Modeling Agency

~~~~ Copy and Paste the Application below to a Notecard~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please rename this notecard with your name,  for example  LC Angels Application ( Your name here).  Return this notecard as soon as possible back to Shaza Denver.  For the castings please dress to impress in the look that best describes your style.  If there are any questions please IM me if I am online or notecard me if I am offline.  I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.   Please note there will be three casting times on Sunday and one casting time on Monday.  Times are at the bottom of the notecard.

1) Avatar Name:

2) SL Rez Date:

3) RL Time Zone:

4) What interested you in being a model?

5) Previous modeling experience:

6) Your goals:

7) Who is your inspiration?

8) Is your shape modifiable?

9) Is it a brand? if so which?

10) Please list your 5-10 skins favorite skins (Please put a * next to the most used):

11) Please list 5-10 of the hairs you own  (Please put a * next to the most used)?

12) Please list the name of your overrides, poses, huddles, and tell us what do you use when  you model?

1)   Have you had any prior modeling training?

2)    Have you modeled for any agencies?

3)    Have you been in any photoshoots or runway shows (more than 5), and are you comfortable with Lag?

4)    Can you move and adjust prims?

5)     Can you accesorize with confidence?

6)     Are you ready to wear what is assigned to you and wear it in the best style possible?

7)   Do you have a model portfolio?

8)   Do you have a useable resume?

Please insert three pics of you (full perm)

a) Headshot

b) Full Body

c) Your prefered look i.e. formal, casual.

Thank you for your interest in LC Angels Agency.   Please note that we have auditions at three appointed times on Sunday January 23rd.    Times for Sunday:
1pm slt
4pm slt

The casting for the agency on Monday will be held at 4pm slt.

Landmark for the casting

Thank you
Shaza Denver
LC Angels Modeling Agency



★ AVENUE Models ★


AVENUE Models, one of the longest established modeling and marketing agencies in Second Life and home of the most creative and complete fashion productions, is holding an open casting call for both models and show producers.

Either you are an experienced and unique model, or you are looking to grow your creative and organizational potentials in our team, apply today.

After a pre-selection of the applications we receive, models will be invited to join special live auditions coordinated by show producers candidates in one day of fashion at the highest level. A jury of excellent professionals in SL fashion industry will select a panel of model finalists, while producers’ work will be thoroughly evaluated by our team. After an interview with AVENUE Management, the best models and producers will be invited to AVENUE Models group and family.

LM below for casting applications* and information…look for the “Another Generation” Sign.

For more information please contact Livia.

Livia Mastroianni
Senior Producer | AVENUE INC

*application submission deadline is June 20th

CONFESSIONS JOB ALERT: BeStyle District Agency is recruiting models

Our sponsor BeStyle District is recruiting models. Good opportunity for MW models.

Annemarie Perenti:
Are you an experienced professional model? Did you graduate from a qualified modeling school? Are you part of one or more qualified agencies?
Do you want to participate in the castings of the Bestyle District Agency as a top model? Do you want to participate in the upcoming Bestyle District events, contest, prizes, etc?
Read the notecard attached…


Are you an experienced professional model?
Did you graduate from a qualified modeling school?
Are you part of one or more qualified agencies?

Do you want to partecipate in the castings of the Bestyle District Agency as a top model? Do you want to partecipate in the upcoming Bestyle District events, contest, prizes, etc?

The Bestyle District is looking for new models and talents to be included in their groups, and to participate in the group activities and in important Fashion Shows.

Send to Agtaope Carter and/or Annemarie Perenti a filled application before June 10, 2010. If you are qualified you will be offered the ‘Bestyle Magazine Readers’ group with the “Bestyle ★ Beauty” tag.

The Bestyle District Agency will do soon a casting among all the qualified models enrolled in the group (final date, time and rules to be announced). The winners will be promoted as TOP MODELS in the Bestyle District Agency. Plus you will be invited in all the important upcoming events and contests.

Info Required…

Application for Bestyle District Agency
1. change the title of the note including your SL name:

2. sign the application with your name at the end of the page:

SL Name:

SL Birth date:

RL Time zone:

References (list below all your qualifications: modeling schools, agencies, experiences, personal references):

2 PICTURES (MANDATORY) one full body one face shot!
*** IMPORTANT!!! no picture no enrollment !!!!

I certify i am over 18 years old
(write your name here)