The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Jade Spectre as “VIXEN”


The Fashion Teller: Femme Fatale


MODEL: Jade Spectre
BODYGUARDS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne
FASHION: Bliss Couture, Men are wearing Gabriel

Vixen is a breathtakingly attractive woman who is deceiving and cunning in a 1940′s film noir setting. She is manipulative and usually wrapped up in a complex web of deceit, mystery and murder.

She exhaled a long wisp of smoke with absolutely no emotion in her face.
She knows that the poison she used to kill the man will vanish without a trace.
She motioned at her body guards to get rid of the dead body at her feet.
Murder and money makes life oh so sweet.


The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Ellendir Khandr as “EVIL QUEEN”


“EVIL QUEEN” Ellendir Khandr

MODEL: Ellendir Khandr
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne (Portrait), Spartin Parx (Scene)
FASHION: Bliss Couture

The Evil Queen was a very beautiful but vain, wicked and merciless royalty that possessed a magical mirror which allows her to look upon her every wish. She was feared all across her kingdom and anyone who dared to challenge her will be eliminated.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Not this dark soul, that’s for sure. Her beauty is but an evil lure.
Devouring the youth from young girls in the town,
To maintain her looks and slow her aging down.
She craves to devour the heart of Snow White,
To once and for all end her aging plight.


Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Amutey Decuir for designing this amazing outfit for the Evil Queen
-Enzo Champagne and Spartin Parx for their amazing talent in making the story come to life
-Ellendir Khandr for portraying the character in a breathtakingly beautiful way

The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar: November “The Thanksgiving Bounty”

The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar:

November “The Thanksgiving Bounty”

MODELS: Daniele Eberhardt and BlackBarbie Bravin

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

NOVEMBER: The Thanksgiving Bounty

Daniele: House of Europe Icarus Gold
Barbie: Bliss Couture Aliyeh Phoenix

GRAB A COPY INWORLD or Request from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.
MANY THANKS TO THE MODELS, DESIGNERS and STAFF in making this happen. ❤
Special Thanks to Our Featured Designers in this picture: Amutey Decuir of Bliss Couture and Didier Rascon of House of Europe.



The Fashion Teller CASTING


They are the most notorious, mysterious and seductive woman throughout history. Their charms ensnare lovers in bonds of irresistible desire and passion. They have inspired literature and art for centuries. Wars have been fought and nations have crumbled over their beauty, charm and sexual allure. They are the baddest of the bad girls….they are FEMME FATALE!!!

Got a face that could launch 1000 ships…think you have what it takes to live up to the label?

Ladies (sorry men) present a jaw-dropping unique styling, using at least one of our participating designer’s outfits and accessories, depicting a famous femme fatale in action…fact or fiction. Sponsors: Bliss Couture, Vero Modero, Champagne Sparkling Couture, Mea Culpa, Pipins, Wildchild and Muse & NV Corsetry. Jewelry by L’ Atelier. These amazing talented designers have taken the challenge to create a unique look of their vision of a particular Femme Fatale from Cleopatra to Medussa and so many other fabulous deadly stunners.

The winner will be featured in our Femme Fatale book as a special character, perform in our runway presentation, and be invited to join the Fashion Teller group as a model for future projects.


1. Present a style depicting a famous femme fatale FACT or FICTION using items from our participating designers: Bliss Couture, Vero Modero, Champagne Sparkling Couture, Mea Culpa, Pipins, Wildchild and Muse & NV Corsetry. Jewelry by L’ Atelier. Hair and other accessories may be purchased elsewhere, but main styling and outfit must be from one of the designers listed. Please credit the photographer and mention the name of the participating designer’s outfit you are wearing in the picture description and your accompanying notecard.

2. The Picture must be 1024×1024 in size and be of high quality and high fashion. May use Photoshop or GIMP but Morphed pictures are not accepted.

3. All contestants are encouraged to join THE FASHION TELLER Flickr group and post their picture entry in the group. Please join the -UrWorld SL- online group as well because we will be announcing the winner in the UrWorld group. Ask Editorial Clarity for UrWorld invite and notice perms.


The picture must be titled FEMME FATALE CONTEST: (Name of Contestant).

4. Create a notecard titled FEMME FATALE CONTEST – YOUR NAME and include the picture and styling details on the notecard. Send a full permission copy of the notecard to Jade Spectre in-world. Please make sure your picture is full perm as well. You may contact by email at, or by notecard if you have any questions or concerns.

5. Include in your notecard the name of your character and a brief summary of her story and what you believe makes her a femme fatale.

6. The Winner must be available for the photo shoots and is willing to follow the photographer/designer’s requests and participate in a runway show to be announced at a later date. By submitting an entry, you are giving Fashion Teller all rights to your photo to be published, presented, and utilized at anytime as we see fit.


Good Luck!!!!

RicoRacer Flux-Clarity
Editorial Clarity-Flux
Jade Spectre

**ART by sadbab Shan**


Bliss Mesh Collection Fashion Show

Bliss Mesh Collection Fashion Show

Four Year Anniversary
Mesh Collection Fashion Show

May 13th at 11am

Bliss Mesh Collection Fashion Show Audience

Bliss Couture Mesh Collection will be the theme of the Fashion Show, directed by Kay Fairey, Miss Bliss Couture 2011, that will be held on Sunday May 13th at 11am at the brand’s flagship store.

Innovation and formal elegance, beside passion for creativity are our trademarks since the first days of the label, founded four years ago. This is the reason why we celebrate our anniversary launching a totally new collection, entirely made of mesh evening gowns.

You are cordially invited to join us during the Bliss Couture Mesh Collection Fashion Show and discover the brand’s new magic. A preview of the Collection will be in our main shop from Friday May 11th.

All the informations about the 4 Year Anniversary Events and the Bliss Mesh Collection will be announced in our inworld group, sub-o-matic and blog.

Amutey DeCuir
and Bliss Couture’s Management Team

Miss Bliss Couture 2012. Third Phase, May

Third Phase, May

Press Release, april 29th 2012

Bliss Couture Flagship Store

from may 1st to 22nd 2012

Your last chance to enter MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012, the four years old SL fashion label’s model search, is now.

Bliss Couture is glad to announce the beginning of the third phase of its pageant of the year. You can send your application from tuesday may 1st to tuesday may 22nd as better explained in our blog.

We are looking for the brand’s icon for 2012, a lady whose beauty, elegance and style will represent the essence of Bliss Couture. She will be the fashion house’s testimonial in every public event, show, press campaign beside modelling all our Collections for our official blog and in many store arts and vendors.

MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012 has begun on march 5th, and you have three months to apply (3 phases: march/april/may). 20 entries will be short listed each time (60 in total) and called back for a live audition. The Finale will be held in the middle of june and hosted at the Modavia Fashion Centre. MISS BLISS COUTURE 2012 model search would like to encourage fresh faces to enter. You dont have to be already a famous model, just be flawless.

One more time we are stunned by the talent of the models who applied this month (april). And one more time, we announce the names of the 20 prefinalists:

AddisonLynn Blaisdale
anjelica Carling
Bodza Mubble
Calima Dufaux
Carilynn OHare
DiamondGem Destiny
Fae Linette
Federica Galtier
giada Oh
Imani Enzo
Meimei Shiu
Mermaid Rubble
Mimosa Nowles
Quinty Sirnah
Shantal Gravois
Shena Neox
Starline Igeria
Tania Tebaldi
Tinka Bondar

Congratulations and we’ll see you on the runway!
All the wonderful pictures of march entries are shown in the Miss Bliss Couture 2012 Show Room.