Sexiest SL Eye Candy Picture of the Week: Leandra Breen

MODEL: Leandra Breen

PHOTOGRAPHER: Barney Roundel

Start your week burning HOT with this super sexy picture of Leandra Breen by Barney Roundel.


This picture made it to the TOP SHELF & FRONT PAGE at the candy store and named Sexiest Picture of the Week.

Do you have what it takes to be SEXY?

If you think you can cause traffic accidents when you strut your stuff on the street or cause sudden mental breakdown and excessive drooling…

This group is for you.

Post those SEXY HAWT pictures. No Drama and Have Fun.

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“GOTTA Have It” New Poses From Manifeste

Manifeste comes out with the very first set of MALE MODEL POSES.
I had the privilege of testing them before they became available to the public and I have to say “FANTASTIC”.
OMG, I love how smooth the movements and transitions are. The poses does not distort any clothing or body parts plus not a single body part goes inside any prims. It is PERFECT for the runway. I’ve been using these poses a lot.
Of course, I especially LOVE the pose set named RicoRacer. ;p YAY! But Manifeste have so much poses to choose.
The maker, July Raymaker, is one of Second Life’s Top Model so she knows how important a great runway pose is to the outfit. It can make or break the designer’s clothing and your image. Rest assured. Manifeste poses helps you showcase your outfit in the best possible way.

And for the ladies: Lucky you. Manifeste have tons of modeling poses available.

Run to the store now. MANIFESTE:

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Barney Roundel
INFO: Manifeste Male Pose Store Ad =)