AVENUE ~ RIVAL 2013 ~ Only 3 Days Left To Apply!


AVENUE Models has been a prominent name on the grid since October 2007. As AVENUE evolves and grows, we are excited to announce a new rising of AVENUE Models.

Will you be the ultimate RIVAL and battle it out to become part of one of the longest running modeling and marketing agencies in Second Life?
With creative and innovative concepts, AVENUE is not only known for its unique outlook, but for its professional and skilled family. Bring your A-Game as this promises to be one of the most challenging castings yet!

From the fresh-faced beginner, to the experienced individual, to the Creatrix – this casting is open to all. AVENUE is seeking talented individuals that have an eye-catching flair for fashion and a talent for innovative styling.

After a pre-selection of the applications we receive, models will be invited to join a special live audition. A jury of excellent professionals in SL fashion industry will select a panel of model finalists. After an interview with AVENUE Management, the best will be invited to AVENUE Models group and family.

For applications please teleport below;


AVENUE Discussion Group

Building a career in the Fashion Industry

Hi everyone :smileyhappy:

Having been the founder of AVENUE Models since 2007, I have been at the forefront of trying to help shape the fashion industry in some way or another. My first goal was to provide creative employment and opportunities for those that work with AVENUE to develop their various talents. So I thought I would start a thread discussing opportunities in the fashion and modelling industry and help shed some insights on it.

Looking forward to chatting with you all :smileyhappy:

Rusch Raymaker


GizzA . lüks . by AVENUE Models

GizzA . lüks . by AVENUE Models

lüks is a state of mind…

lüks is the style…

lavish is lüks.

.. translation ..

lüks in English

luxury, costliness, grandeur, lux, stateliness, sumptuousness luxurious, luxe, costly, plush, plushy, posh, pukka, ritzy, sumptuous, swish, tony, voluptuous, de luxe

Enter a world of luxurious fashion.

AVENUE Models is proud to present GizzA . lüks

Saturday November 12th at 1pm SLT