AtomicBambi, Swansong and EVOKE rebrand to VERVE


Thanks to all our competition entrants – it’s been difficult deciding from among all amazing suggestions!  Thanks 🙂

Congratulations to Hybie Mynx for suggesting our winning brand name VERVE.

“Verve can mean gusto, passion , vitality, sparkle and energy. Verve is a simple word with a lot of meaning behind it. It’s a perfect word to describe three forces coming together as one”.   ~ Hybie Mynx

Also congratulations to our runners up who will have products named after their suggestions:

RUNNER UP:  MaHyeRi Resident, suggested Akiko:  “Akiko is japanese name , means Iris; light and bright. as the brand it self very famouse this name had this music that you wont forget ” aKiKo ” , unique , Fashionable”

RUNNER UP:  ViiiBRANT Magic, suggested Elan:  “Elan Prounounced as ey-lahn or ay-lahn is a word with a french origin. While searching for a name that would represent everyone under this brand I searched sparkle. Reading the synonyms of “sparkle” this word was the ONLY word that spoke to me. The meaning is right on spot and there’s a originality factor”.

VERVE will replace AtomicBambi, SwanSong and EVOKE in August.

Thanks again,
AtomicSparkle Skytower


Brand (New) Me Competition



Yes BRAND ME!!!  No I don’t mean hot-iron-on-hide type branding, but a rebrand of my stores!

AtomicBambi, SwanSong and EVOKE will be merging in to one store this summer!  The BRAND (NEW) ME competition gives you the chance to name this new store and has a 1st prize of 10,000L!!!

All you have to do is suggest a new brand name and in 100 words or less tell me why I should choose it…  Send an entry notecard entitled BrandME [YourName] to AtomicSparkle Skytower by 4pm SLT July 17th 2011!


1. All entries must be made on a notecard entitled BrandME [YourName] and sent to AtomicSparkle Skytower.
2. All entries must include an explaination of your suggested brand name, and should be 100 words or less.
3. Please do not suggest existing RL or SL brands/company names/trademarks.
4. You may make more than one suggestion, but please include them all on ONE notecard.
5. I love my avi name ‘AtomicSparkle’ so something relating to that somehow would be favourable (but not essential).
6. AtomicBambi is a skin store, Swansong womenswear, and Evoke menswear, so brand names that have a unisex appeal will also be favoured.
7. Make me smile – I’ll be reading lots of notecards, so help me out and make me smile!

…::: CLOSING DATE :::…
4pm SLT JULY 17th 2011

…::: PRIZES :::…
1st Prize – 10,000L and an inaugural plaque in the winner’s honour @ the new mainstore, and 3 runners up will have their name suggestions used as either a collection name or product name.

So come on – BRAND ME!!!
❤ AtomicSparkle Skytower


FASHION CALENDAR: Maniera Presents The Garden of Eden 3/31 Noon

Maniera Model Management presents The Garden of Eden Runway Show featuring the Sk!n designs of AtomicBambi by AtomicSparkle Skytower on March 31st, 2010 at 12:00 P.M. SLT on the Moolto Community Store sim.


Please see Maniera Website for more info:

Model’s Closet: AtomicBambi’s First Line of Men’s Skin

The very talented photographer and designer extraordinaire AtomicSparkle Skytower finally made a very realistic handsome skin and shape for men.

.::AtomicBambi New Release : Male SK!N – Christian SK!N & SHAPE::.

Yes, this one is for the boys!

The Christian SK!N is realistically detailed, super handsome, and comes in 3 skin tones.
With hair base, body hair, and freckles options, there are 8 skins in each pack – and great value at 975L per pack!

SPECIAL WEEKEND PRICE: The Christian SKIN ‘Atomic Packs’ have 80 skins in them, and for this weekend only, are marked down to 2999L (they go to the usual price of 3999L on Monday)

So, boys get on down to AtomicBambi – and girls, bring your boys with you and now everyone can get themselves some gorgeous!

❤ Atomic

1. Designer Name: AtomicSparkle Skytower
2. Name of store: AtomicBambi
3. SLURL of store:
4. Landmark to store:
5. URL of website/blog:
6. Products: Skins, Hair Corsages, Dress Corsages, Bridal Bouquets


Model’s Closet: Amazing Offer for the Ladies

AtomicBambi joins with Exclusiva and Dryad Designs to create the Exclusiva + Partner X-Mas Promo Formal AVATAR.


A complete high quality avatar!!!!!!

This classic limited edition set is so amazing you have to see it to believe it. It comes with a shape, skin, eye lashes, eyes, hair, floral hair piece, jewelry, shoes and the dress. The best part about this is the price, $1L for the complete Christmas promotion as a gift to you, our loyal customers.

The X-Mas Promo Formal AVATAR reminds me of the 1940’s starlet, Rita Hayworth. The skin from Atomic Bambi has the perfect make up shade for the evening look. The Exclusiva hair is classically styled and features a rose hair corsage from Atomic Bambi. The dress is styled in a 1940’s inspired red carpet dress. The dress features a red satin fabric. The bodice features an alluring neckline to delicately show off the bosom and has cap sleeves. The dress fits snuggly throughout the bodice and flares out at the end. The dress is complemented with the gorgeous details of the necklace and earrings in gold, green and red from Dryad Designs. The ensemble is complete with matching red shoes. You will also recieve blue eyes and prim eye lashes to complete the entire avatar look. When you wear this Special to your next Christmas event, you will stand out from the crowd in this amazing Christmas limited edition.

This beautiful limited edition is only available until December 25th.

You can recieve yours at the mainstore or through the AtomicBambi Look-Book. So hurry and be sure to get yours today.

You can get this gorgeous avi from my mainstore:

❤ Atomic

MODEL’S CLOSET: .:: AtomicBambi New Releases: Female Skins::.

Hi Ladies,

Every single model knows how important it is to have a variety of superb natural looking skin that
not everyone has already in their inventories. You are in luck because the super talented AtomicSparkle Skytower has created several Unique Beautiful Skins. See Below!

ATOMIC!!!! What about the men? ;p

.:: AtomicBambi New Releases::.


If you loved AtomicBambi floral accessories, you are going to ADORE our new line of high quality, uber gorgeous can’t-live-without-them SK!Ns 🙂

Kicking off with the LANA skin, in 3 skin tones and 5 make ups, AtomicBambi SK!N range is set to grow, so watch this space!

AtomicBambi SK!N- LANA PALE


AtomicBambi SK!N- LANA TAN

Deeply detailed on both the face and body, AtomicBambi SK!N is some of the most natural you will find in SL. Each pack includes 4 skins, and comes with freckles and lipgloss options so it’s great value too 🙂

Come and try the demos, and get yourself some pretty! 🙂