MEET MVW 2011Mr. United Kingdom: Aspen Parx

Mr. United Kingdom 2011: ASPEN PARX

Style Card

Shape~ MADesign
Skin ~ LaVie- Massimo -shaved Face ~ Jarythe Barber Shop- 5 O’clock shadow
Eyes ~ MADesign- Vanity
Hair ~ CheerNo- Yalli-
dark Jacket ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
London Pants ~ AgySecret-
Leather Pants Shoes ~ Muism-
Blk Boots Tattoo- Tink-
British Flag Necklace ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
Couture Dog Tag Belt ~ Aoharu

Aspen Parx came to Sl on May 21, 2008 to be with his partner Hollee Zhora. I came also to learn to surf and hangout in Costa Rica. In Feb. 2009 I entered the first Mr. Costa Rica contest. I found out after I lost that I wanted to learn how to be a good model in SL. Since then my journey has taken me to some of the best academies and to learn from some of the best teachers in SL. I have been fortunate enough to be part of many fine Agencies over the past two years plus. The one thing most people don’t know about Aspen Parx is that he is very generous, and likes to do quiet acts of kindness. It has been a long journey for Aspen to reach the finals of Mister VW, but the wait has been worth it. It was a goal I set wayback in 2009. Representing the country of the United Kingdom is not only a privilege, but also and honor. The title of Mister VW carries a very high profile to whoever wins. If lucky enough to win the title, I will use it as a platform to reach out and not only help others, but to help shape the future of SL Modeling.


ModelX Presents “THE MALE SHOW”

WHEN: Wednesday, May 12 at 1PM SLT


Come see the hottest male models on the grid modelling the latest new releases from a collection of fantastic menswear designers:

DEETALES, Gabriels, Ginevra Lancaster, North Wind, SF Designs, Shiki Designs.

MODELS: Phillip Dollinger, Apollo Call, RicoRacer Flux, Daniele Eberhardt, Aspen Parx, Haakon Schuman, Allenclive Beaumont, Tesan Lane, Liam Netizen, and Mickael Greybeard.