Merry Christmas 2010 Love Ananya Mai

Merry Christmas 2010 Love Ananya Mai

As I sit back, in the heat of Australia, and reflect on my experiences in SL through 2010 and find myself grinning.

It has been a marvelous and wondrous year filled with excitement, challenges, friendship, and off the grid experiences.

To everyone that has crossed my virtual path, whether, transient, brief or ongoing, I take this opportunity to thank you for doing so 🙂 It is the puppeteers that make my SL a dream .. a real life wonder.. a hobby.. an escape.. a giggle.. and much more…

my fellow SLifers, I love you all.. and I look forward to whatever 2011 brings!!

much love and respect


Ananya (aka Laily)

Photographer: CindyS Tatham


Contest Results: The Face of Beningborough 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to Keira Tyles who is the FACE of Beningborough 2010.
Second Place Winner is Ananya Mai
Third Place Winner is blackLiquid Tokyoska.

Congratulations to all the finalists who competed.

The House of Beningborough fashion show sponsored by MANIERA was gorgeous and elegant.
If you miss it, you can visit Tilli Ariantho’s Flickr Photostream. Thanks.