I am a pretty expressive, passionate and open person. If I love someone, I won’t hesitate to show it and I don’t really care what anyone thinks. There are so much drama and hatred in the world. Why would you want to hide how much you care about someone? I’m the type of person that I won’t let a moment go by without telling someone I love that they are important to me and I appreciate them in my life. I don’t think it can ever be too much to show your love. If people want to stick their fingers down their throats, they can enjoy the vomit of their jealousy. 🙂 Life is short and people can be gone in your life in one quick moment. Don’t be afraid to show your loved ones you care because one of the worst feelings in life is not being to tell someone you love them because it is too late and they are gone from your life. ❤ ❤

So, I love you Editorial Clarity. Today is our 9 months Anniversary. We’ve been through a lot but I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Our journey together is amazing. Thank you for being my partner. I wrote a very simple poem for you below and I hope you like it. Here’s to many more joyous Anniversaries together. Love you, Prince. ❤ ❤ ❤


It happened one morning as I was minding my own business that I first came upon you.
How I ever was in the right place at the right time to hear your sexy voice upon the universe of Second Life is beyond me.
How a little thought of sending you that first message can sneak quietly past all my doubts and fears.
And how against all odds of hearing your reply, that I would find your first hello to fell for my eyes only.
It is simply Amazing.

It happened one lonely afternoon as we were sitting on a dock that I first caught a glimpse of where my heart would fall.
How my mind cannot fathom that my heart skips a beat every time we are alone together …
How I always have my heart guarded but you managed to steal it away could be blamed upon your devious intoxicating smile.
How a friendship could turn into something more and knowing that day  that someone special just entered my life.
It is simply Amazing.

It happened one Friday evening as we snuggled in bed together that I first felt an explosion of feelings directed your way.
How in the hell did I ever agree to date someone that I haven’t even met in real life is unthinkable.
How in my reserved state of mind could I ever even consider marriage with someone who could be so strange is beyond words.
And how against all odds of the thousands of people in SL that you would pick me.
It is simply Amazing.

It happened one gorgeous day as I walked down the aisle that I knew you are the one.
How everyone seems to fade and there’s only you and me standing there.
How my dreams all came true the moment we said “I DO”
How my world exploded beyond my wildest dreams.
It is simply Amazing.

I love you very much and I can’t tell you how it happened.
Maybe it was the way your eyes shine when you get excited or the many faces you do to make everyone smile.
Maybe it was those countless nights when I watch you sleeping peacefully or the way your smile lights up your face.
I shake my head as I sat here trying to write you this poem, knowing that I meant every word yet feeling foolish.
How I ever got to be a lovesick fool is beyond me.
All I know is that all this is SIMPLY AMAZING.


PS: Photography by Enzo Champagne.