Talon Faire – Sonnet

I got an offline IM yesterday from Amaranthim Talon, the wonderfully talented designer and owner of Talon Faire, telling me she sent me a small surprise.

Well, due to RL and SL I was unable until now to open my surprise.  As I unpacked my box and peered inside (yes I know, we all can’t peer in but rather copy to inventory, find the folder and wear it.  I’m imaginative  😛  lol)

As, what is obviously hair because I’m bald for a few seconds, my surprise rezzes and I wonder what creative web she has weaved into what is always art in fashion.  I love the fact that Amaranthim is designing hair now.  It gives us more choices, and she is very talented.

Well, by now my hair has rezzed and wow, I love it!  There are three versions of the Sonnet hair (which I love too).  There is the bejeweled version, with pink heart diamonds making me feel like a princess in a fairy tale.  A pretty and casual version, this goes great with most outfits.  And another version with beautiful calla lilles in the back, all beautifully arranged with a plum silk tie.

For me, there is nothing like versatility, and still keeping in mind quality.  You can tell the hours put into a piece and these hair styles show that her heart is in making us look beautiful and our men’s eyes twinkling.

Thank you Amaranthim.  : ))

LM to Talon Faire

~ Jen : )

Reflections of Dreams

I  had the pleasure of talking with Amaranthim Talon today, owner and designer of Talon Faire.  I have always been a big fan of hers and she never ceases to amaze me when a new creation of hers comes out.  She mentioned she creates with her dreams – this being my short form of our conversation.  And what beautiful dreams they must be.  For to create jewelry for your eyes is a talent sought out for by all women.  To add a touch of glamour and sparkle around the eyes is to show focus on confidence, because the eyes say it all without words.

And some great news for you.  Amaranthim is now expanding her creative talents and delving into designing hair.  Below is one such example of her wonderful addition to compliment her eyelashes.  I will let her newest eyelashes and hair designs speak for themselves.  Not that I can’t bring out words and phrases to weave a web of fantasy and stories surrounding her art.  But her art speaks for itself and I will leave it with you to imagine places of awe and colors to fill your mind.

LM To Talon Faire

Happy Shopping

~ Jen : )

MODEL’S CLOSET: The Talon Faire Male Subtle Touch Eyelashes

Hello Men,

Get ready for this amazing male eyelashes that will add a subtle POP to your eyes but won’t be a distraction.
The super talented Amaranthim Talon from Talon Faire has invented a way to add PIZAZZ to men’s boring eyes.
Why should only ladies have all the fun? HA! =)

Talon Faire is introducing Eyelashes! for men. This is a challenge because they must be subtle and add to the overall look without stealing the focus from the model or distracting from the garments he is modeling. We think we have achieved this with our first offer for men, Subtle Touch.

INFO about Talon Faire:

Talon Faire has been at the same location for the past two years. In that time we have had limited success with ladies fashions and home decor. The Eyelash! Bar has been a huge success though and finally Talon Faire is receiving recognition and even a modicum of acclaim.

Recently I was interviewed for Affinity Magazine and will be featured in the next issue. You can imagine my excitement! But more than anything it is the feeling of knowing folks are enjoying my creations enough that they are wearing them.

I am very happy to have a little hand in the beauty of Second LIfe, that my little lashes add a bit to others’ enjoyment is the greatest happiness.

Amaranthim Talon