ALEIDA Closing Sale

ALEIDA closing sale

ALEIDA will be closing the store and everything is marked down to 50-70% off the original price. Closing Sale ends June 23, 2012. Read more about why  here:

Best Wishes to Aleida Rhode and We wish her lots of success in life. Image above is by Houms Thor for Aleida Destination Guide.

ALEIDA Meet AKERUKA Contest – May 5th – June 5th


MAY 5TH – JUNE 5TH 2012

It is with sheer excitement to announce our very first collaborative contest. ALEIDA and AKERUKA have teamed up to bring you this extraordinary opportunity!

This is the first of a series of contest to come, all which will be called “ALEIDA meets-> ________”  contests. All contestants will have their entries posted up on a wall in the shopping plaza.
(Pictures updated every 24-72 hours)


This contest has some really great prizes, to enter you need to send a picture of yourself to us wearing the latest of AKERUKA skin and ALEIDA clothing.  

You may ONLY use vendors found in the plaza (LANDMARK AT TOP OF PR)

Please feel free to look around the whole store, there is plenty to mix and match!

*** PRIZES *** ( because we know you love them ❤ )

1st place:
-20,000L$ Cash
-20,000L$ total in shopping gift-cards
-12,000L$ gift-card for a professional photo-shoot ( Profile shot )
-You will be displayed on in-store ads
-You will be recognized on blogs and magazines

2nd place:
-10,000L$ in gift-cards
-Will receive an honorable mention on the web

3rd place:
-5,000L$ in gift-cards
-Will receive an honorable mention on the web


*** How Do I Enter? ***

Simply submit a note card with the title ” ALEIDA meets AKERUKA – <Your Name> “  and include 1 picture of your self: 1 full-body shot. Photoshop is allowed at a very limited range. We want to see your styling & APPEARANCE and NOT your editing skills!

*** The RULES ***
a. You must wear *current* ALEIDA and AKERUKA clothing and accessories in your photos.

b. All clothing purchased for the contest must be bought ONLY from vendors at the ALEIDA plaza [select AKERUKA vendors available in the “Contest Store”:

b. You may use a professional photographer, but we need to see your styling/appearance very clearly.  (This is not a Photoshop contest.)

c. Photo size requirement: 1024 x 1024

d. Only one contestant per photo. Group photos will not be accepted.

e. Those who are selected for the final stage of the contest will be contacted via notecard and given further instructions.

f.  Being a member of the ALEIDA group is highly suggested so you may receive contest updates and news.


*** Who do I send my notecard to and what is the deadline ?***
All notecards should be sent to Garrett Ceriano.
The contest will run from May 5t, 2012 – to – June 5, 2012
Results will be announced once decided upon.

*** QUESTIONS? ***

Any questions or concerns, please contact Garrett Ceriano, Leah Portland or Houms thor!

Good Luck to everyone, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

ALEIDA management
AKERUKA management




They are looking for 3 female and 3 male models with sense for styling up to the latest trend in both worlds – RL/SL.

They need 3 female/3 male models for the purpose of various marketing projects like magazine, blogs, campaign ads in-world etc…

If you are interested in applying, please got to:

ALEIDA | invites you to become the FACE of ALEIDA.

Who can be the Face of ALEIDA?

“Face of ALEIDA” is a model casting competition open for all female and male avatars residing in Second Life. We are looking for 3 female & 3 male fashionistas, who have a inviting, easy going and motivated personality.
How Do I Enter?

Simply submit a note card with the title ” ALEIDA Casting – “ and include 2 pictures of your self: 1 face shot & 1 full-body shot. Photo shopping is allowed at very limit range. We want to see your styling & APPEARANCE and NOT your Photoshop skills.
What are the rewards?

1. Top 3 of male & female of the casting will receive 5000L giftcards to the ALEIDA store.
2. 6 month contract with ALEIDA for various advertising projects (Marketplace, display on posters, vendors etc. )
3. Winners will be highlighted as the official faces of Aleida and will be displayed on posters, advertisement and notices. ( exposed on magazines, web and blogs)
Who do I send my notecard to and what is the deadline?

All notecards should be sent to Garrett Ceriano before March 1st, 2012. 12 pm slt.
The rules

a. You must wear current ALEIDA collection garment in your photos. Cross mixing with other brands for is allowed, but keep in mind who/why you are applying for..

b. You may use a professional photographer, but we need to see your styling/appearance very clearly. (This is not a Photoshop contest. )

c. Photo size requirement: 1024 x 1024

d. Only one contestant per photo. Group photos will not be accepted.

e. Those who are selected for the final stage of the casting will be contacted via notecard and given further instructions.

f. Member of ALEIDA group is required for successful participation


We look forward to seeing your beautiful avatars, Good luck to everyone!

Taxi: ALEIDA Mainstore

I ALEIDA I Management team

Aleida Rhode – Designer & Owner of ALEIDA
Houms Thor – Creative Director

ALEIDA to close — Going out of Business Sale


Notice from ALEIDA 17th June 2011


Dear all,

I dont know how to start this, but I would like to announce, that I am closing ALEIDA from 30th June 2011 midnigt and there will be a closing sale that starts today 16th June and I have collected all my stuff I have been creating from mid 2010 up to today and they are all for sale at 50-80 % off the original price. This means skins, shoes, accessories, casuals and formal creations. The Spring/Summer collection will though be keep at 50% off level all of them, since they are still quiet new.

Spring/summer 2011 collection @ Marketplace are also marked down with 50% so if you like to gift someone  – use Marketplace. Old collection like casuals, shoes, etc – you can drop me notecard with : Item name, who you want to give gift to – and I contact you for payment and delievery the gift for you.

Marketplace link:

After 30th 2011 all these things will be gone and when I say gone, this means 100% deleted from my SL inventory and RL computer file. If you are interested in buying the new Spring Collection as for resell after – contact me and we can deal about it. Send me an E-mail with your name, and I will get back to you. Please do not drop me nc.

I will leave SL for a while  – at least whole summer and I dont know when I will be back, but if I ever do, then I will let you know. Right now I cannot promise anything. And I am fine in RL, nothing has happened other than I want to focus on my studies for the next semester and I have given SL 4 yrs of my life and I think it is enough :). Met many awesome friends and business connections – you were and still always will be special to me every single of you.

Thanks for everything everyone and hope you will continue enjoying SL,

♥ Ale



BeStyle District Magazine May 2011 Issue Available Now

BeStyle D. Magazine May 2011

All you need to know about fashion in Second Life with the best brands : ALEIDA, Velvetrythms, Show Your Style, SYS, Purplemoon, MEB, DD Style, Angels Dessous, anubis, AgySecret, HOB, Jesuis, YDEA, Alienbear jewels, Moolto, Tukinowaguma, Nemesis, House of Europe, Blush, Sartoria, Dirty Hands, Blackswan.

Interview with RicoRacer Flux

by Genevieve Kamala

Thank you to BeStyle Magazine especially Agy and Tesan for my interview and feature this month. It is an amazing honor.
A million Thank Yous to Genevieve Kamala for taking the time to interview me especially with her patience and flexibility around my busy RL schedule. It was such a pleasure meeting her.  Awesome job, Genevieve. =) Tysm


RicoRacer Flux





Do you want to show your face, your body, your beauty, your talent for decor and your styling skills to the public?
Do you want to stand out amongst thousands? Do you want to be on ALEIDA’s and SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN’s Wall of Fame?

If your answer is YES to all of the above, then you should read further!

ALEIDA and SCANDINAVIAN DESIGNS’s monthly “Show me your closet” modeling contest rules and details are as follows:

~ You must wear at least one clothing item from |ALEIDA|
~ Your picture must be at least 512 x 512 and full perm in texture (no snapshots)
~ You must have one item from [Scandinavian Designs] in the picture – you can use any piece as a decoration or prop; be seated on it or anything that your fantasy leads you to.
~ No nudity or porn.
~ Your picture must not be shot in either of the |ALEIDA| or [Scandinavian Designs] stores.
~ One submission per avatar.
~ Please name your picture “ALEIDA & SCANDINAVIAN DESIGNS Show Me Your Closet Contest- (Your Name)” and post your picture in this Flickr group:

~ Pictures submitted by notecard will NOT be accepted.
~ You must be a member of the ALEIDA Scandinavian Designs groups (there is a group joiner in the store).
~ Please ensure that you have ALEIDA Fashions in your picks along with the correct landmark.
~ Post processing is permitted but should not alter the essential look, your avatar or any furniture appearance. Morphing of pictures is not allowed.
~ The contest will run on a monthly basis and will commence on June 1st. The deadline will be the 25th of each month (i.e. June 25th). A new round of contestants will begin on the 1st of each month with the deadline for entries being the 25th. Winners will be announced on the Aleida Flickr Page, her blog at and by a notice in the ALEIDA NEWS Group.

Prizes are as follows:
1st price
– L$ 3000 cash
– 1 item of your choice from each store.
– Winning picture displayed in store until the following month’s winner has been chosen.
– A feature in our blogs.
– We will name one of our new creations after you.

2nd price
– L$ 2000
– 1 item of your choice from each stores.
– Feature in our blogs.

3rd price:
– L$ 1000
– Feature in our blogs.

We are looking forward to your entries and can’t wait to see your skills 🙂

Have fun!

Hugs from

Wipster Baxter – Scandinavian Designs owner & designer

Aleida Rhode- ALEIDA
owner and designer

Model: blackLiquid Tokyoska
Photo & Layout:
blackLiquid Tokyoska


Aleida Teaser !

Aleida Teaser ! ( Just a Peek! )

Keep your eyes peeled, and hold on to your socks ladies.

This Spring/Summer, the number one shopping mall is going to be ALEIDA :O
Aleida is currently retiring all her old lines and coming up with several completely NEW lines for the new seasons, get ready to look fantabulous!

(Line Retirement sale ON NOW)

Model: Viola Rookswood
Photographer: Houms Thor



IMA proudly presents ALEIDA

When: Saturday 29 January 2011 2pmslt
Attire: Smart Casual and warm 🙂

IMA is excited to present the incredible new line of I ALEIDA I with designs so new there still getting boxed as we speak. The amazing designer Aleida Rhode has truely out done herself with these new pieces.

The new designs of I ALEIDA I are ones not to be missed! Our models will also be showcasing I the new line of I ALEIDA I skins and the most fantastic I ALEIDA I new shoes and boots that will leave you wanting more!

Furthermore, IMA will also be proudly featuring the fantastic *Plume* hair by Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson.

Come and enjoy this wonderful show in a breathtaking winter build inspired by the Chanel Fall 2010 show with an amazing line up of SL talent.