Agata Models Agency Presents SHIKI Spring Collection 2011

AGATA Models Agency Presents

SHIKI Spring Collection 2011

~Supported by LP2 interior~

April 30, 2011 (Sat), 7am SLT  [4/30 (Sat) 11pm JPT]

MK Tokyo SIM

Watch live on:

Build:Setsuna Infinity

DJ:snowboarder Flow

Hostess:Sora Tatham

SHIKI Design Main Shop

LP2 Interior Main Shop


Agata Models Presents Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fashion Show Video

***** AGATA Models Agency Presents *****
Agata Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fashion Show

The Sci-Fi world has a huge popularity within movies and novels. Fashion that appears in this fantasy world has, at times, something that exceeds far beyond our imagination.
It is an honor to introduce to you 4 brands that offer nothing but high quality outfits for this wonderful world of fantasy. We have created a special stage and audience settings. Please enjoy!

Bare Rose Tokyo

Support Designer:

AGATA Models Agency
CEO: Sora Tatham
Builder: Takuya Jinn
Director : Juri Essel
: Serene Faith
: Riorio Raymaker
Video by Agata Agency and  Odysseus Yiyuan.  

FASHION CALENDAR: Agata Presents “East Meets West Wedding Collection 2010” 5/29 6PM & 5/30 6AM

It is with great pleasure to announce to you that once again, Agata Modeling Agency will be presenting the East Meets West Wedding Collection of 2010!

5 brands each from East and West, a total of 10 wonderful brands, will be presenting their gorgeous wedding gowns!

To accommodate the various users from different time zones, Agata Modeling Agency presents “The East Meets West” Fashion Shows on 2 different days and times. It is a great honor to be able to introduce to you the very talented West and the East brands together in one amazing show!

This event is not to be missed!!

去年に引き続き今年もWedding Collectionを開催します。

東西各5ブランド合計10ブランド様の華やかなWedding Dressをご紹介いたします。



RicoRacer Flux “The Journey”: This is my first fashion show with Agata Agency and so far, everything has been wonderful. It is amazing to get directions during rehearsals  in another language. I just love hearing Japanese in the chat….such an exotic and awesome language. I am proud to be part of this fashion show and I can’t wait. I have to tell you that you cannot miss this show. Many top designers have new high quality items to be debut in the show. Lots of nice new suits for men and just gorgeous wedding dresses for the ladies.