5th AVENUE Modeling Agency CASTING

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Model  Application Form


Deadline for to send your apply : 18th of November 12pm SLT

Dates and Times for the casting : Saturday 19th of November 10 AM SLT and 4 PM SLT  Theme : Casual outfit -show us how you can style it

Thank you for your interest in 5th Avenue Modeling  Agency.

Please know that we are a VERY exclusive agency. We are only looking for hard working, dedicated, Models oriented  runway/print from all lifestyles, our goal is not to have the most talent but only the best.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and decency towards others. We have no qualms training someone as long as you are willing to devote the time and energy it takes to grow as a model and represent 5th Avenue with integrity. Our time, just like yours is valuable. We’re now as AGENCY a part of EGOISME Brands represented by Ramses Meredith, thats mean all the models working for 5TH Av will eventually work for EGOISME Brands as well.

We expect from our Models :

a) to act like professionals at all events and jobs having to do with our agency, you must represent 5th Avenue/Egoisme, yourself and the designer with the utmost respect, personality and charisma.

b) to attend runway practices.  We entend to make our best effort to take into consideration the times available for the majority of our models when scheduling practice sessions so you can work practice sessions into your schedule.

c) to conduct themselves with the highest regard that means that your profile not only represent yourself but also the work for a fashion agency and the business as well.

By submitting this application to us, you agree to our terms.

To apply as Model, please fill out this application in its entirety and return it to Phillip Dollinger. Applications missing information WILL NOT be considered.

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Please rename the notecard to include your name as “5TH AV *CASTING AUTUMN SESSION 2011 – [your name]”

Date  :

Second Life Name :

Rez date :

What agencies are you currently associated with as Model ,Please list them :

Do you have another role in the other agencies, if yes which ones :

Send us a short resume of your modeling carrier here : (nc please)

What’s your timezone / Country (ex : US, European etc) ?

What are your available times for modeling ?

List of some of your poses :

Please list 3 skins you currently own along with their brand name :

Could you to change your shape for a modeling assignment ?

Submit  3 of your pictures –  with FULL PERMS :

Headshot :

Full body swimsuit :

Formal :

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Phillip Dollinger,
5th Avenue CEO

5th Avenue Modeling Agency presents Simply Fabulous: A Wedding Event

5th Avenue Modeling Agency presents…..

The collections of wedding dresses 2011 are already there, created by the biggest bridal Designers of the gird. The variety is what differentiates these collections, and it is almost impossible to choose only a single dress!

With 11 different Designers you can only be dazzled day after day in front of this mixture of materials, forms and cleavages. Naturally these gentlemen were not forgotten!!

Join us and be sublimated by such Simply Fabulous beauties !

SHOW 1 — Friday 13th, May 2 PM SLT
Designers : SF Design / Angel Dessous / ::Gabriel ::

SHOW 2 — Saturday 14th, May 2 PM SLT
Designers : Glamour Style / Fellini Couture / House Of Europe

SHOW 3 — Sunday 15th, May 12 PM SLT
Designers : House of Dashwood / Celestinas weeding / Gizza

SHOW 4 — Monday 16 th, May 3 PM SLT
Designers : VictoriaV Fashion / BlackSwan / Morea Style

Our Sponsors for these shows : Alienbear Design, Tukinowaguma Hair, Vanity Hair