The Search for Ceara is Over

Congratulations goes to the lovely Linda Reddevil for winning the Search for Ceara contest at Garded Secret.  Thank you to all who entered!
This new skin has just been released and is available in the store now.  Want to see more?  Head on over to the shop inworld or visit us at


Searching for Ceara Contest

The beauty of this lady is like the sun, her name alone encourages a bright famous light. Garded Secret is in search for a spectacular ray of sunshine who will become the face of Ceara. It could be YOU!

Deadline for entries is May 29th at Noon (12:00pm SLT). You can get a copy of the contest rules at Garded Secret main store. Located in the daisy near the contest area along the back wall.

The winner will receive:
2500L Cash
Fatpack of all Ceara Skins.
Photoshoot using the style you created.
An exclusive limited edition makeup created and named after you.

Please see contest rules in store for full disclosure of rules and prizes. Good luck!

Beauty Secret #6 – Limited Edition

Garded Secret is proud to be involved in the Exclusive 75 Group which is open to designers and shoppers alike. The designers involved are creating something unique that will only be offered in a limited quantity (75).

Available now at Garded Secret is the Mystere Rose Makeup. This design was inspired by a poster I saw recently downtown where I live. This mysterious makeup comes with a tattoo layer as well as sculpted prims to complete the look.

Black khol is dramatically swept across the eyes while silver roses dazzled with diamonds delicately grace the brows. The final touch a teardrop shaped diamond falls from the cheek. A drop shadow included for added effect.

Mod/Copy/No Transfer – giving you the freedom to style and fit to your liking.

What’s Your Secret?
(official tagline for Garded Secret)

Beauty Secret #3

I saw her amid purple swirls.
I saw Cleopatra, a young girl
stretched out upon her back,
inhaling a scented aphrodisiac
from a brazier encrusted with pearls.
As the silky smoke did curl
around her jeweled body, her hand, bold
as the paw of a tiger, fired her hair with gold.
Her feet, white lilies; her ankles bangled
with opals; her arms entangled
in turquoise, garnets and diamond darts.
Her flesh, cool as all the perfumed arts
of Egypt. Ah! If only I could enter her door,
I’d offer all my laurels, riches—everything I adore!
—John Howard Reid

Golden Empress
Bring out the goddess in you with this evocative new makeup from Garded Secret. Shimmering gold is brushed upon your cheeks as your eyes turn into a work of art with shades of blue and gold outlined in khol.

Model Talyia Tarber is wearing “Priestess”, a stunning creation from Champagne Sparkling Fashion, and hair “Leila” by Tukinowaguma