Yester-Year by strip'd Fashion

Introducing the newest mens item from strip’d Fashion…CURTIS! I know that the year has just started, but I can tell you this is going to be my favorite for a while. lol

The double vested top with button down undershirt comes with a HUD that gives you the choice to change the undershirt, buttons, and both vests individually!

In-World Store:

This is where I usually give thanks to the model and seeing as I am the model for this — Thank you Sachy for being always beautiful and perfect. lmao But seriously my friend HarlowSkye needs to get a shoutout here for the concept of the pic. She always has a great eye in how to present my clothes. Thank you Harlow!!!

Skipping School

Skipping School by strip'd Fashion

STRIP’D Aeryk Mesh Cardigan

The newest release for men, the Aeryk Cardigan. Comes with a hud where you have 10 Cardi options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different options to choose from.

Flagstore –

Zenshi Store –

MP –

Thank you very much Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for taking this fantastic picture. He has just started using all the windlights and whatnot and already does a great job. Thanks again Dad! ♥

The First Snowfall

The First Snowfall by strip'd Fashion
The First Snowfall, a photo by strip’d Fashion on Flickr.

Another new release from strip’d Fashion named after someone that is always and forever my muse…you know who you are =). The Leona Loose Sweater is a great little top that is very diverse being worn as a long top and a short dress with a HUD that allows you to choose an array of different colors!

MP –
In-World –

Of course I have to thank my beautiful models, Jade Spectre and Natzuka Miliandrovic who are always beautiful. Not only did they model this for BUT they styled it and dropped everything for me within minutes. They are truly amazing and you may recognize each of them from Miss Virtual World…oh yeah, I’m movin’ on up with the notoriety of my models. lol

Perfect Picture Mannequins

Perfect Picture Mannequins by strip'd Fashion

The Newest release from strip’d Fashion is the Burkley Jacket!!! This jacket comes with a HUD that controls the texture change with 6 different jacket colors, 6 undershirt colors and 6 tie colors so you have countless options!!


And I can’t go without saying thank you to my parental units (RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity) for modeling. Dad you did a great job coming up with the concept for this shoot…always brilliant! =)

Blind Terror

Blind Terror by strip'd Fashion
Blind Terror, a photo by strip’d Fashion on Flickr.

Okay this isn’t the first for strip’d to put a HUD with an item, but it is the first for the clothes and I will be continuing to HUD all of my items to make everything a Fatpack basically.

Anywho…this is the newest outfit called Penelope!!! It has a great collection of solid color and plaid high waisted pants with a scoop neck top that comes in a diamond/argyle pattern or sexy pin stripes.

MP –
(Only available on MP for right now because my main store’s sim is closing down…so if you know anyone or some land that is available to rent please IM @ Valentine Rexen inworld…THANKS!)

Thank you so very much to Veronica Krasner for always looking beautiful in my clothes and making herself available for this shoot…not once, but twice. lol ♥ you bunches Veronica and thanks again =)

strip’d Fashion Style Challenge

strip’d Fashion Style Challenge

This Style Challenge is Sponsored by; Style Kingdom Magazine


» What It’s All About
» What We Are Looking For
» Prizes
» Rules
» How To Enter


Enter for a chance to win 3,000Ls and appear in SL’s newest and fast growing fashion magazine; Style Kingdom. The strip’d Fashion Style Challenge will be judged by two fashion icons, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity.

In addition to the 3 prizes that will be issued the founder of Style Kingdom Magazine Dougie Boxen will be picking 3 avatars to appear in the next issue of Style Kingdom.

Starts – Dec. 1st
End of Submissions – Dec. 20th
Winners Picked – Dec. 24th


There are going to be a few components to the judging and although each judge has there own interpretation of each photo submitted these features are the most important.

STYLE – Wearing strip’d Fashion clothes is a great start for your submission, but that is not enough. We are looking for people that can also incorporate accessories, mix and match for a cohesive appeal.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Putting together is an outfit may be the name of the game but in a static pic that just gives you style. The photography brings the clothes AND you alive. So we are looking for pictures to convey your personality, a story, emotions, ect.

CREATIVITY – Do you dare to be unique and innovative either with your styling, photography or both? We hope so.

If you have this deadly trifecta you have a better chance of winning.


2nd Runner Up – 500Ls strip’d Fashion Gift Card

1st Runner Up – 1000Ls strip’d Fashion Gift Card

Grand Prize – 3000Ls ‘cash’ and an appearance in the Style Kingdom Magazine!!!

Also 3 contestants will be chosen to be a model in the next Style Kingdom Magazine! The people chosen are not necessarily the 2nd Runner Up & 1st Runner Up.


1. ALL pictures submitted should have strip’d Fashion item(s) clearly visible. Though the more you wear, the better. =)

2. Pictures must be added to the strip’d Fashion Flickr Group.

3. Pictures may be edited with external programs.

4. Only ONE (1) picture submission per avatar.

5. Submissions should be named accordingly; SFSC – (Inworld Avatar Name)

6. Anyone in violation to the above rules will not be judged for the prizes.


1. Create an outfit.
– Store:
– Marketplace:

2. Take a picture.

3. Submit the picture to the strip’d Fashion Flickr Group named; SFSC – (Inworld Avatar Name) before Dec. 20th 12am SLT.

Thank you and goodluck!!!

strip’d Fashion’s FIRST SKIN!

This is strip’d Fashion’s first skin in it’s ensemble of items. As with all other strip’d Fashion items the Brando skin is made with realism in mind.

Skin Includes;

Eyebrow Base
3 Hairbases (Dark, Brown & Tintable)
13 Different Facial Hairs (Dark, Brown & Tintable)

MP –

In-World –


Revenge by strip'd Fashion
Revenge, a photo by strip’d Fashion on Flickr.


Well, I thought that it would be a good idea to make nice dress…then…I asked my Dads (RicoRacer Flux) opinion. It started out as a simple dress, then turned into a dress with gloves, feathers and a shoulder piece. lol. But seriously it turned out great. Thank you Dad for all your help and inspiration!…

Of course I can’t forget about the beautiful model in the pic…Veronica Krasner. I only gave her a vague idea of what the pic was going to be and she nailed it! I am a complete amateur when it comes to fashion and photography but I have been truly blessed that I have had absolutely gorgeous models to make it all so easy. Veronica Krasner is just another one of those beautiful models. Thank you so much Veronica!!!

Christmas Cutie Pie – Photo Contest

Christmas Cutie Pie - Photo Contest by strip'd Fashion


1st Prize – 5000Ls
2nd Prize – 2000Ls
3rd Prize – 1000Ls

❄When Can I Join?

11/12 is the joining date for everyone, though voting will not be open on this date.

❄When Does Voting Start?

11/19 voting is open to everyone. We are giving everyone a week to organize their pictures so that there isn’t an unfair advantage to anyone that gets theirs done first.

❄When Is The Contest Over?

12/20 @ 12am SLT is the offical time that it all ends. So you have a month to get your picture and all the friends to vote.

❄How Much Does It Cost?

It is 100Ls to join the contest and 10Ls to vote. There are 48 boards available and once those are all taken no more will be given, so be sure to get your picture done and ready!

❄What Is The Theme?

The theme of the contest is anything and everything Christmas. What do you think of during Christmas? Is it the gifts? The snow? Sipping hot chocolate by a warm fire?

No matter what it is that makes you think that Christmas is coming we want to see your beautifully inspired pictures!

❄What Is Apple of My Eye Adoptions?

AME is one of the largest adoption agencies on the grid and that means one thing, there are A LOT of panels. We have over 800 panels for kids, teens, twins/multiples, adults and of course parents.

Kids Panels – 1Ls (limited time price)
Parent Panels – 1Ls (limited time price)

Lonely Without You

Lonely Without You by strip'd Fashion


THE FIRST MENS JEANS!!!!! Yes, I know all of you have been asking; Where the heck are the men’s jeans?! Well, Nathaniel Jeans are hopefully the first of many to come.

MP –

In World –

Thank you to my Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for modeling these jeans and to both Dad and Pops (Editorial Clarity). They really helped to make these jeans very nice, giving me sometimes brutally honest remarks if they weren’t perfect! Thank you so much Dad and Pops, I ♥ you both dearly. =)

Waiting On You

Waiting On You by strip'd Fashion
Waiting On You, a photo by strip’d Fashion on Flickr.

Yes, as I promised strip’d Fashion is making MORE jeans and thanks to my Aunt Jade inspiring me to make some skinny jeans I am proud to announce the newest item…Skinny’s!!!!!

Store –

MP –

The model is Sessie16 Resident, who could potentially be the next Miss Virtual World winner! She was absolutely amazing following me around to all the different spots while I figured out where to take the pic. Thank you so much Sessie, you made my job easy, no matter what pic I took you were beautiful in all of them =).

strip’d Fashion NEW JEANS!

So I probably shouldn’t say this, but what the heck…I hate making jeans. There, I said it and from what I have heard of other designers they don’t care for it much either. All the different parts, details, washes, rips, fabric, pockets, belt loops…ugh. Give me a dress or top any day and I will bag it out fantastically!

But I will digress.

People have been telling me for a good while now to make some jeans, so my thinking is, if you design it — they will come. SO COME ON AND BUY THEM!

149Ls – Single

450Ls – Fatpack

Inworld Store –

MP –