Dreams: Trapped



WillowWho Flowers

Model: WillowWho Flowers

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan


Hair: Deidre..EMO-tions

Mask: Melancholy Beast..by..CLAVv

Outfit: MFW11 Avairy Tutu/Parrot..by..LWL

Jewelry: Demonia Claws..by..PM

Accessories: Chrysophylax Horn Sanguine..by..The Plastik,

Shoes: Khor feet fem m (ivory)..by..Kazuhiro Aridian

FTH dreams (trapped) WillowWho Flowers Polly Elan


Dreaming that you are trapped and unable to get out of a negative situation can mean you’re feeling hopeless and helpless about something in your life that is suffocating you. You are stuck in a situation that you want to escape without any options to be free whether a relationship, job or other circumstance that is unending. It’s time for you to think about what is in your life that you no longer want. It’s time to think about how to make the changes you need to free yourself for good. Get rid of the baggage in your life that is negative and holding you back. Always remember…

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