Dreams: Death



Falbala Fairey

Model: Falbala Fairey

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan


Hair: TuTy’s LIMBO- short wet hairstyle Dark brown with Zibska ~ Ibis Hat

Outfit: !dM deviousMind: “Taunting Leda” MAGENTA

Chestpiece: :: PM :: Edelweiss in Purple

Skirt: Mea Culpa Voodoo Child purple & Zibska ~ Dagrun in Mora

Jewelry: Necklace: GizzA – Epaulette Set [Purple] Chain Part/ Earrings: Lazuri – Eda

Make- Up: Half Face: Corvus : Skull Face Tattoo

Eyes: – DAMNED – Purple Spray & [Gauze] Alagos, Ears: Illusions- Sylph Ears

Props: Scylth: AM Avi Store – Kosa

FTH dreams (death) Falbala Polly Elan


Dreaming of death or ending of anything can be scary. There may be some big changes taking place in your life. There is an ending of a major chapter in your life whether a relationship that is  personal or professional. You are losing someone or something. With death comes life. When something comes…

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WordPress takes down Second Life Blogger’s snapshots due to SL creator’s DMCA notice

Canary Beck

Te.k v6 One of Eve Kazan’s snapshots (from Flickr) showing Prometheus’ products (robotic arms) and their competitor’s (Neurolab) logo

Second Life Blogger Eve Kazan returned from a holiday abroad in Spain to find WordPress had taken down three snapshots she published on her blog postPrometheus Creations Studio, owned by Second Life resident Irine Abbot, filed the DMCA with WordPress’s owner, Automattic Inc on May 22nd.

Creator Irine Abott of Prometheus Creations first communicated with Ms Kazan on May 14th about the alleged infringement of the snapshots she published on April 3, 2014, via Facebook:

I was happy to see the robotic arms used in creative ways. However I was not happy to see my products used in commercially advertising a competitor, presenting the impression that they are from Neurolabs. I would appreciate it if you could please either remove the photos or add the product listing of the arms in the post as you did with…

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