OMG, It’s Torley Linden!


OMG, It’s Torley Linden!

We are so honored Torley Linden visited our home and Rico’s Tea House. As you can see, Edi is like awed, shocked and captured in his fan  girl moment. Edi vowed to do two things. This day is now declared Torley Linden Day on our land in honor of his visit and we are going to have a plaque made with two foot prints saying ”Torley Stood here” and put it in the floor. Hehe! Torley took some pics of the sim and they are awesome. Check his Flickr. Last week, we got a tip in the tip jar from Guy Linden in the tea house. 😀 Yay.

Thank you to everyone who came and visited Rico’s Tea House. We are overjoyed and floored with the warm compliments and support. Everyone is welcome and we hope you come and visit us again. Go “like” us on the SL Destination Guide Page. Ty. ❤

Rico’s Tea House:


Winter is not OVER. The Deep Freeze wants to capture you one more time in it’s grip.


Gamp Lane


The Deep Freeze

MODEL: Gamp Lane

PHOTOGRAPHER: Astralia (Portrait), Pam Astonia (Scene)


OUTFIT: SoliDea FoliEs – Cuore Sacro in White


The Deep Freeze captures you without notice in its icy embrace.

Her freezing touch paralyses in sweet numbing disgrace.

Even your teardrops freezes as it falls on your face.

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