The Gardens of the Cypress Estate

We love our new home. We just adopted a son in SL. It’s a great place to start a family. We call it Cypress Island. ❤

Love To Decorate

LTD Cypress 5


To get you in the mood for Spring/Summer and the better weather ahead, We at LTD are happy to bring you another post on Homes & Gardens, this time focussing more on the outdoor spaces of THE CYPRESS ESTATE.

house entrance2

LTD Cypress 7

What is THE CYPRESS ESTATE? It is a private home and the prefab used is by ANGEL MANOR (builder Kaya Angel). Giving the vibe of a Luxury Mediterranean estate with lots of flowers, topiaries and a must have swimming pool to enjoy the glorious sunshine. In the mood for hot weather yet?

LTD Cypress 4

LTD Cypress 3

The gardens feature many different seating areas, after all, what is the point of a great garden if you don’t sit out and enjoy it? The name CYPRESS ISLAND/ESTATE comes from the use of many Cypress Trees around the grounds bought from 3DTREES and FOREST FLOOR.

LTD Cypress 2

LTD Cypress

LTD Cypress 6

house entrance

We hope this…

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