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angelLittle Things Make it Better

I have been a nurse for many years now and I have to admit it has been wearing me out. It is not an easy job especially working in Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room. It is very stressful and one mistake can cost a life. Sometimes going to work is a battle and I pray before each shift to give me the strength to help others, even when I’m feeling sick, depressed or tired.

Being in this job has broken my heart so many times, seeing death and loss. Yet, I also see hope and miracles. Last night, I was feeling really down as I am dealing a lot in my life at the moment. I was taking care of this man who is gravely ill and connected to life support. It was just a usual night and it went by smoothly. As I was finishing up my shift, the man’s little daughter gave me this picture she draw. She said it was me and she wanted to be a nurse someday like me. This really affected me and it gave me the energy and strength to go out there again and do my job as a nurse, helping others. Maybe this was an answer to my prayer. ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. My father was a pediatrician so all of his blessings and heartbreak ‘ s were of tiny department. I don’t know how he did it, or you do it, but your story fills my heart to full with the two of you, Rico, because you do such selfless, thoughtful kindness to others. Every touch you make with another human is built on the fact that you want to save them, never harm them. I can never express how proud and how much I love you my friend. :*

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