1925252_228539840683426_1402652684_nAPPLE FALL FOR THE MARCH ROUND OF COLLABOR88

APPLE FALL have released a great set for the current round of COLLABOR88.

The set includes the following:

The set includes 2 bookcases, a plant, a bow tie art, a sectional couch. magazine files, the RICO hanging clock, a wall hanging jacket, a model biplane, and a painting of Farrah Fawcett Majors.

Inspired by the executive colours of masculinity, this set represents country club style at it’s finest. The dark woods compliment the muted tones of the accesories, and juxtaposes against the chrome hardware and the light fabrics.

Get ALL of these items at COLLABOR88 today via the landmark below and enjoy!


PS: I’ve had clothing and poses named after me but never a piece of furniture before. I’m proud of the Rico Clock inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Thank you Editorial Clarity and AF Apple Fall.

Rico clock