ONCE UPON A TIME: The Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts - Honey Bender.FASHION TELLER HOUSE.

Once Upon A Time

“The Queen of Hearts”

MODEL: Honey Bender
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Portrait), Polly Elan (Scene)

Gown: Dead Dollz
Makeup: Dead Apples
Jewellery, Boa, Hat and Customized Headpiece: !devious Mind
Gloves: DD Elegance latex operagloves
Hair: !Diva – custom coloured
Skin: Nuuna


Once Upon A Time, There live a Queen who ruled an enchanted place called Wonderland.
She was known as The Queen of Hearts whose peculiar behavior people don’t quite understand.
If you plan to meet the Queen, be careful not to give her the slightest offense.
A little mistake you make will be a certified death sentence with no defense.
One day, a poor soul forgot to paint her white roses red.
She stormed from her throne yelling, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD”.

Honey Queen of hearts

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