Froukje Hoorenbeek: The Visionary Behind DUTCHIE

Love To Decorate

dusting in library

Interview by *Zee* Zuleicca Resident for LTD Magazine January/February 2014

Images provided by Froukje Hoorenbeek

Gezelligheid.”Froukje Hoorenbeek was having a hard time trying to convey a very Dutch thing to me. “Gezellig is not only people, a room or a home can be it too,” she tried again. Looking up “gezelligheid” or “gezellig” did not offer more explanation, but instead made it even more complex.This Dutch word has no equivalent in English. One can attempt to describe as a feeling of coziness, quaintness, pleasant or entertaining, but those descriptions would not even begin to explain the word well.  It is more like a state of mind towards a certain atmosphere and the elements in it. Dutch people cannot even explain this properly to non-Dutch.It is clear, however, that Fruokje’s “gezzelig” has a lot to do with homing instincts.

batroom shadows

wash stands

“When I…

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