THE FASHION TELLER: MURDER, My Sweet “The Rising Star”

rising star


MURDER, My Sweet

SCENE 7: The Rising Star

The darkest hour is just before dawn. As the sun rose, a rising star’s flame was snuffed out far too soon. Veronica Krasner, a promising new Goddess of the Silver Screen has played her last role. She lay dead in a perfect pose, still stunning as if she was still playing a part…this one inviting you to passionately join her in the next life. Another victim devoured by the insatiable hunger of the city.

The police commissioner observed the scene with mild annoyance. Two victims in one night. The pit of his stomach told him there would be more to come, which also means more work to do. Bring it on as long…as the checks keep coming, he shrugged with indifference.

Takeshi Kiama: Aoharu Suit
Veronica Krasner: Vero Modero – Ayleen Poudre Elegant Outfit

Natzuka Miliandrovic



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