THE FASHION TELLER: MURDER, My Sweet “The Femme Fatale”

Femme fatale


MURDER, My Sweet

SCENE 6: The Femme Fatale

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse that sent caution flags to my mind…trouble. I turned to get a full glance and there she stood…a woman of unparalleled mysterious beauty. She sat down next to me, each fine movement was precise and filled with educated art designed to entice. She purred in my ear, “ Buy Miss Boa a drink?”

Instantly I was drawn in…like a moth to a flame, none of my actions controlled anymore…I couldn’t help myself. My head started swirling with intoxication and desire. The room grew dark. I awakened battered and bruised, lying in the filth of a dark alleyway. I reached up and grabbed the note pinned to my chest: “DROP THE CASE OR IT WILL BE YOUR LAST”

Mimmi Boa: Bliss Couture – Polly Gown in Black

Natzuka Miliandrovic


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