house of elliot


Logo made bye Virlay

Are you Unique Are you Fabulous !!!!!!!
All photo and the Deadline is before April 30th

The House of Elliot is on the look out for Unique model to be the Face of H-O-E for 2013 ,Can you be on Trend do you Stand out from overs ,,, can you bring out the best when it come to Fashion ,, If the Question is yes then you may be what H-0-E is looking for the face of 2013 .

Rule 1 ,,,,,, All outfits must be from the House of Elliot Store ,,,, You are most welcome to Style any parts or with over accessories from over Designers … Think out side the box when it comes to Styling.

Rule 2 ,, Must be a Head Shot Photo or Full Body Photo ,,, Entering the Contest you need Tile your head Shot or Full Body Shot H-O-E Face of 2013 Contest .

Rule 3,, SEND a copy of your full permission picture to Zaryna Resident

The Winner will become the Face of H-0-E and Receive vendor photo made bye Julie Hastings
and a 15 k prize

The will be judges who will pick the winning photo Best of luck to you all

Judges Virlay
BlackBarbie Bravin
Wicca Merlin
Kim Rongyu
Mimmi Boa

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