The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Sora Tatham as “MATA HARI”

FT-MATA HARI-Sora Tatham


“MATA HARI” Sora Tatham

MODEL: Sora Tatham
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne
FASHION: Vero Modero
Store LM:

Mata Hari was an exotic dancer and courtesan who became involved in espionage for Germany during World War 1. She was known for her sensuality and eroticism especially when she performed her provocative dance to lure men out of their dangerous secrets. Her name is synonymous with seduction and treachery.


Promiscuous, flirtatious, and openly flaunting her body, Mata Hari captivated her audiences every night during her stage act. Tonight is no exception as she enchanted the audience with her erotic rhythm and spells, swaying her body under many lustful eyes. On the sideline, she garnered dangerous secrets from many lovers and demanded undivided attention from her followers.


Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Bouquet Babii for designing this amazing outfit for Mata Hari
-Stephy Maldor for her amazing talent in making the story come to life
-Sora Tatham for portraying the character in a breathtakingly beautiful way

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