RicoRacer GMP

Everyone is usually looking for love but sometimes we settle for lust to fulfill our needs. We seek out another human being for a quick comfort and meaningless sex. Most are afraid to be alone and lonely. Sometimes another warm body will temporary relieve the misery but usually you feel more empty afterwards. This poem is for those lonely souls who seek solace in the arms of a stranger.


In the hushed overtones of dawn,
I know we had great sex last night.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the quiet act of getting dressed,
I know he won’t call.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the silence of our departure,
I know I meant nothing to him.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the sad serenity of our goodbye,
I know I will soon be forgotten.
I know it by the look in his eyes,
the smile on his lips,
the way he kisses me afterwards.

In the emptiness of my heart,
I know I’m just a one night stand.
I know it by the sadness on my eyes,
the forced smile on my lips,
the empty void I feel afterwards.



MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Gabriel Shirt & VITAMEN Underwear


SEEN IN GMP MAGAZINE. READ HERE: http://issuu.com/joaopedrooh/docs/gmp.february.jpg


Pinewood Estate is OPEN until Feb 3rd.


Pinewood was inspired by an old English country estate with a bit of a Tuscan twist. Pinewood is an artistic space that aims to be a location for peaceful gardens, romantic strolls, explorations and photographs, Open through February 3rd.

Visit in Second Life

Many THANKS Second Life for putting us in the Destination Guide.
Welcome Everyone and enjoy the interior designs of Editorial Clarity as well as the art of Sadab Shan and Anita Claven. ❤

GMP Magazine February Issue


GMP Magazine February Issue

Check out GMP Magazine February Issue with the talented Skip Staheli on the cover. The magazine is very sexy and provocative as always. Also in this issue, Editorial Clarity’s interior designs are featured.  I am also in the magazine writing about anonymous sex for stress release. LOL.  Now, what other magazines in SL can someone write about that? So go check out my poem about a One Night Stand.

READ HERE: http://issuu.com/joaopedrooh/docs/gmp.february.jpg

PIC BELOW in GMP Magazine
MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity
FASHION: Gabriel Open Shirt and Vitamen Jockstrap

RicoRacer GMP

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Sora Tatham as “MATA HARI”

FT-MATA HARI-Sora Tatham


“MATA HARI” Sora Tatham


MODEL: Sora Tatham
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne
FASHION: Vero Modero
Store LM: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vero%20Modero/135/138/28

Mata Hari was an exotic dancer and courtesan who became involved in espionage for Germany during World War 1. She was known for her sensuality and eroticism especially when she performed her provocative dance to lure men out of their dangerous secrets. Her name is synonymous with seduction and treachery.


Promiscuous, flirtatious, and openly flaunting her body, Mata Hari captivated her audiences every night during her stage act. Tonight is no exception as she enchanted the audience with her erotic rhythm and spells, swaying her body under many lustful eyes. On the sideline, she garnered dangerous secrets from many lovers and demanded undivided attention from her followers.

MEET ALL THE FEMME FATALES: issuu.com/fashiontellersl/docs/femmefatale

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Bouquet Babii for designing this amazing outfit for Mata Hari
-Stephy Maldor for her amazing talent in making the story come to life
-Sora Tatham for portraying the character in a breathtakingly beautiful way

Style Kingdom Magazine 2 – Teaser photos part 2

Hello everyone,

Another round of teaser photos. Have a great weekend! 🙂



Breakout model : Kev Brunswick (Owner of ::Fe Style::)






Breakout model : Paradox Messmer





Breakout model : Linx Lysette (Owner of Suicidal Dooper)




Breakout model : Lux Chiantelle




Breakout model : Blossoms Sweetwater

Want to know who else will be featured in our 2nd publication? Stay tune to find out!!!

COC Presents The Queen of Nile in Honor of Starline Igeria

The Queen of the Nile  - In Honor of Starline Igeria

Sponsored by Colour of Couture Organization
The Queen of the Nile
in honor of
Miss Starline Igeria
Miss Virtual World 2013
Miss Colour of Couture 2012

The party jumps off on Saturday, January 26th from 1pm to 4pm SLT
The party will feature live performances from
R&B and Jazz Singer MiMi Hadisson and Pop & Latin Singer Khiron Ametza

This will be the party of all parties. Not to be missed.


Reign Congrejo
CEO Colour of Couture

Sequoia Nightfire

October Bettencourt
Vice President


Yester-Year by strip'd Fashion

Introducing the newest mens item from strip’d Fashion…CURTIS! I know that the year has just started, but I can tell you this is going to be my favorite for a while. lol

The double vested top with button down undershirt comes with a HUD that gives you the choice to change the undershirt, buttons, and both vests individually!

In-World Store: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jellybeans/78/204/2002
MP: marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/71407
Zenshi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/177/52/30

This is where I usually give thanks to the model and seeing as I am the model for this — Thank you Sachy for being always beautiful and perfect. lmao But seriously my friend HarlowSkye needs to get a shoutout here for the concept of the pic. She always has a great eye in how to present my clothes. Thank you Harlow!!!

JOIN Second Life UNCENSORED Flickr Group




JOIN US: http://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlifeuncensored/

Come and Join this new Flickr Group and Feel free to EXPRESS YOURSELF with your SECOND LIFE pictures and art.  This group is about anything you would like it to be as long as you don’t get us shut down and arrested. LOL. Please be warned that you might find “adult content” here, so you must be 18 or older to join.

In this group, you will NEVER BE BANNED by power hungry administrators who have nothing better to do than censor and shame you if you don’t meet their multitude of rules and requirements.

Have Fun!!! Respect Everyone.

Make sure you change your FLICKR settings to allow “Adult Contents” or “Restricted Images” so you can join and post pictures.

Many thanks to the over 700 people who have joined already in less than 12 hours since I started the group. Let’s make this group amazing and drama free.

Style Kingdom Magazine 2 – Teaser photos part 1

Hey, how has everyone been doing? Hope everyone enjoyed their vacation as much as I did 🙂

Some teasers for Style Kingdom Magazine’s 2nd publication.



Model : YeriakTH Couturier




Model : Lua Vendetta




Model : Mikoto lisa




Model : Annan Adored



Model : Cindy Gedenspire

MORE teasers coming!!!!!!

Stay tune to find out which models & photographers will be featured in Style Kingdom Magazine’s 2nd publication!!

WELCOME to Pinewood Estate

art opening_001

For the next few weeks, we invite you to Pinewood to explore, relax, hang out and check out amazing works from our first two featured artists, Sadbab Shan of L’Atelier Jewelry, and Anita Claven.

Both are exhibiting pieces of their collection for you to enjoy and some are for sale with 100% of the purchase going to the creator. 

The aim of Pinewood is to not only create a home, but for it to be a place for everyone to come and enjoy. Whether you have a romantic stroll in the grounds, take photos, admire the art or simply just come and explore. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

The upper floor over the coming weeks shall be turned into a public art gallery featuring work from great talents from across the grid. 

We are excited to share this project with you and hope that you can stop by sometime.

Thank You ❤


“Be Encouraged” Movie Premiere Event

_Be Encouraged_ Movie Poster

Premiere of “Be Encouraged”
An Inspirational Mini Movie
Official Notice of Invitation to the Formal White Carpet Premiere Event

The Ladies of Exquisite Xpressionz will be premiering their 2nd short film entitled, “Be Encouraged” on Saturday, January 26, 2013. “Be Encouraged”, filmed and edited by Double Trouble Productions, takes you on a journey of life, love and loss as we inspire to remain encouraged through it all. Expect to smile with the characters, go down memory lane with the amazing sound track, and sit on the edge of your chair as you follow unexpected twists and turns.

With a spiritual classy edge, Exquisite Xpressionz, strives to bring real world elements that make you stop, look, and, listen… engulfing the viewer holistically to touch, move, and, motivate the heart, mind, and, soul. E.X. members, Keyia Hynes, Twylitedawn Keng-Inaka, and Dr. Wisdom Price lend a collaborative effort in creating literary works which include song, choreography, and visual concepts establishing E.X. as a genuine brand for the people. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain all users of the second life community, bridging the gap by promoting real world awareness and positive change.

Join us for the Formal White Carpet Premiere of “Be Encouraged” on Saturday January 26, 2013 at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Four%20Seasons/130/130/25 from 6pm – 9pm slt, sponsored by WEDDINGS for All by SeasonedRed Halfpint. The tentative schedule of events is as follows:

· Arrival of Guest (Pictures on the White Carpet)
· Mingle and Networking during broadcast of DJ Black Rose of KHNY Radio
· Brief Introductions
· Cast Presentations
· Official Screening of Film “Be Encouraged”
· Premiere Party featuring live broadcast of DJ B Smooth of Ground Level Radio

For more information please contact the staff of Exquisite Xpressionz.

# # #
Staff of Exquisite Xpressionz
-Dr. Wisdom Price
-Keyia Hynes
-Twylitedawn Keng-Inaka
Email: exquisitexpressionz@gmail.com
Website: http://exquisitexpressionz.wix.com/exquisitexpressionz

EX Logo 1



AVENUE ~ RIVAL 2013 ~ Only 3 Days Left To Apply!


AVENUE Models has been a prominent name on the grid since October 2007. As AVENUE evolves and grows, we are excited to announce a new rising of AVENUE Models.

Will you be the ultimate RIVAL and battle it out to become part of one of the longest running modeling and marketing agencies in Second Life?
With creative and innovative concepts, AVENUE is not only known for its unique outlook, but for its professional and skilled family. Bring your A-Game as this promises to be one of the most challenging castings yet!

From the fresh-faced beginner, to the experienced individual, to the Creatrix – this casting is open to all. AVENUE is seeking talented individuals that have an eye-catching flair for fashion and a talent for innovative styling.

After a pre-selection of the applications we receive, models will be invited to join a special live audition. A jury of excellent professionals in SL fashion industry will select a panel of model finalists. After an interview with AVENUE Management, the best will be invited to AVENUE Models group and family.

For applications please teleport below;

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Carley Benazzi as “CLEOPATRA”

FT Cleopatra-Carley


“CLEOPATRA” Carley Benazzi



MODELS: Carley Benazzi & Jade Spectre
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne (Portrait) & Pam Astonia (Scene)
FASHION: Champagne! Sparkling Couture
STORE LM: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Renaissance%20Galler…


Cleopatra was an Egyptian Queen who conquered Rome and ruled Egypt with her power, wit and striking beauty. Her legendary attractiveness and sexual appeal boasts successive conquests of the world’s most powerful men and commanded a loyal army to her every need.

Cleopatra-Carley Benazzi-Jade Spectre-final(1)

The beautiful Queen hardly noticed the life of luxury and the servants around her as she lounged and contemplated on her next powerful move. Her mind was working overtime as the wheels in her head kept turning on how to use her exotic beauty and powers of seduction to get what she wants. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt wanted nothing less than the world and she will seduce legions of armies to fulfill her every need.

MEET ALL THE FEMME FATALES: issuu.com/fashiontellersl/docs/femmefatale

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Enzo Champagne for designing this amazing outfit for CLEOPATRA
-Enzo Champagne & Pam Astonia for their amazing talent in making the story come to life
-Carley Benazzi and Jade Spectre in making the characters alive.




MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Valentine (Sachy) Rexen



***New Release Mesh Cardigan from Strip’d Fashion called “AERYK”.
The Aeryk Cardigan comes with a hud where you have 10 cardigan options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different looks to choose from. I love this school uniform look. I think it is very cool and cute. It takes me back to my younger school days back in high school at a private Catholic school where we had to wear uniforms. The amazing thing about this cardigan is that you can have so many combinations to create your perfect look. It comes with a hud that allows you to change the color of the cardigan, shirt and tie. As always, it is very affordable.

Flagstore – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jellybeans/78/204/2002

Zenshi Store – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/177/52/30

MP – marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Aeryk-Cardigan/4356458

***New Unisex hair “DURA #39” by Dura (Chiaki Xue)

I chose this new release hair from DURA called DURA #39 unisex for boys and girls. It is the perfect hairstyle for that “Rebel without a Cause” look. It is carefree and windblown. The perfect hairstyle for winter where you let your hair grow a little longer. It comes in a variety of colors and as always, it is high quality. Thank you Chiaki Xue. ❤

rico snap_001


Remember the younger school days of feeling like a rebel? You feel untouchable and you think “Life couldn’t get any better”.

Life was so carefree and full of promises. You wake up each day with wonder and a sense of adventure.

Skipping school and hanging with the “IN” crowd, doing naughty things. Smoking in the bathroom and making out behind the bleachers.

Breaking hearts and playing with LOVE like it’s a new discovery. Dreaming of the future where you can be what you want to be.

Staying up all night believing that all dreams come true and planning to see the world in grand style.

Those were the days and here’s hoping you still believe in your dreams and you never lost that sense of adventure. ❤

BeStyle Magazine January 2013 Issue


BeSTYLE Magazine January 2013 Issue



You will find all the best news of the Secondlife fashion plus an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Lolita Paragorn, Miss Essence of Purplemoon and Miss France MVW 2013!
You will also find a spread fashion with all the news from LadyThera, OMG you will adore those creations perfect for those holiday days! Model in the spread fashion is me :p !!!
There is a fashion story by Blush skins and many more!

Skipping School

Skipping School by strip'd Fashion

STRIP’D Aeryk Mesh Cardigan

The newest release for men, the Aeryk Cardigan. Comes with a hud where you have 10 Cardi options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different options to choose from.

Flagstore – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jellybeans/78/204/2002

Zenshi Store – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/177/52/30

MP – marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Aeryk-Cardigan/4356458

Thank you very much Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for taking this fantastic picture. He has just started using all the windlights and whatnot and already does a great job. Thanks again Dad! ♥