Strip'd Fashion


MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

PHOTOGRAPHERS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Strip’d Fashion -Burkley Jacket-

The Burkley jacket is a brand new release for men from Strip’d Fashion. It is MESH and totally amazing because it comes with a HUD that lets you change the color of the jacket, shirt and tie into many different combinations to create the perfect look you want to achieve. It can be used for formal as well as casual, depending on the combination you want to create. Best of all, it is very affordable.


RUNNING INTO YOU: The world is full of millions of people from different countries with their own cultures and languages. It is just amazing to me how people meet especially in a Virtual World called Second Life. I met my partner in SL and RL here and he lives across the Atlantic Ocean from me. I probably would never have met him if it weren’t for Second Life. What is even more amazing is that we fell in love and will be living together this summer in real life.

Edi, running into you back in 2009 when we met for the very first time was a very special day I’ll never forget. I heard your voice on the stream and I messaged you (which I never do btw) and asked you..”Is that your voice on the stream? Sounds very sexy.” Ever since then, you were stalking me until I finally married you. ;p

The chance of meeting someone and falling in love is very rare, whether in SL or RL. It is really a miracle that LOVE HAPPENS even in a virtual game. When you find love, treasure it and fight for it cuz once you lose it, you might never get it back. Never let anyone devalue what you have. Love is never a game even in a Virtual World. We are human beings behind the avatars and we all have feelings. I wish you all love and happiness. May you find your special someone. ❤


Our son Sachy asked us to model this latest release “Burkley” for a Vendor Ad for Strip’d Fashions. The idea behind it is Edi and I are two store front MANnequins on display in a posh high end store. I think it turned out very well. Thanks Sachy.