ALLURE Inc. Presents December Goes Couture


*Allure Inc.* presents

~ December goes Couture

*Allure Inc*. presents ~ December goes Couture ~
Sunday, December 9th 2012 – 12pm SLT

The month of December marks a special time and sets a definitive and remarkable highlight to the whole year.
It is synonymous with sharing time with family and friends, for love, happiness, being together and enjoy Christmas amidst cold winter days.

The month of December also marks the end of year and introduces changes and new beginnings.
The new season is significantly determinated by fashion and style, creating and setting new trends and releasing new designs.

*Allure Inc* is proud to present “December goes Couture”, an unique fashion event hold on December the 9th, 12 noon slt.
Imagine haute couture and high-fashion designs showcased by the best and most experienced models of SL in an incredible editorial set.

Let us invite you to a very special Winter Show with the fabulous designers:
– Countdown
– DragansVarg
– PurpleMoon
– Vero Modero
– Violator

– Annough Lykin
– Falbala Fairey
– Marijana Aries
– Vixie Rayna
– Veronica Krasner
– Xandrah Sciavo
– Liam Netzien
– Scatterheart Aboma

Host: Federica Galtier
Backstage Coordination: Nala Kurka
DJ: Djchaoswilkinson1970
Choreography: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Stage: Annough Lykin / Thorsten Ducatillon
Advertisement: Annough Lykin
Script: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Producer: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Show Photos: Annough Lykin

This event will be shown only for a limited numbers of people. If you wanna be part of this show, please contact Annough Lykin BEFORE the show. You will get an special VIP-access. Thank you for this.