strip’d Fashion Style Challenge

strip’d Fashion Style Challenge

This Style Challenge is Sponsored by; Style Kingdom Magazine


» What It’s All About
» What We Are Looking For
» Prizes
» Rules
» How To Enter


Enter for a chance to win 3,000Ls and appear in SL’s newest and fast growing fashion magazine; Style Kingdom. The strip’d Fashion Style Challenge will be judged by two fashion icons, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity.

In addition to the 3 prizes that will be issued the founder of Style Kingdom Magazine Dougie Boxen will be picking 3 avatars to appear in the next issue of Style Kingdom.

Starts – Dec. 1st
End of Submissions – Dec. 20th
Winners Picked – Dec. 24th


There are going to be a few components to the judging and although each judge has there own interpretation of each photo submitted these features are the most important.

STYLE – Wearing strip’d Fashion clothes is a great start for your submission, but that is not enough. We are looking for people that can also incorporate accessories, mix and match for a cohesive appeal.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Putting together is an outfit may be the name of the game but in a static pic that just gives you style. The photography brings the clothes AND you alive. So we are looking for pictures to convey your personality, a story, emotions, ect.

CREATIVITY – Do you dare to be unique and innovative either with your styling, photography or both? We hope so.

If you have this deadly trifecta you have a better chance of winning.


2nd Runner Up – 500Ls strip’d Fashion Gift Card

1st Runner Up – 1000Ls strip’d Fashion Gift Card

Grand Prize – 3000Ls ‘cash’ and an appearance in the Style Kingdom Magazine!!!

Also 3 contestants will be chosen to be a model in the next Style Kingdom Magazine! The people chosen are not necessarily the 2nd Runner Up & 1st Runner Up.


1. ALL pictures submitted should have strip’d Fashion item(s) clearly visible. Though the more you wear, the better. =)

2. Pictures must be added to the strip’d Fashion Flickr Group.

3. Pictures may be edited with external programs.

4. Only ONE (1) picture submission per avatar.

5. Submissions should be named accordingly; SFSC – (Inworld Avatar Name)

6. Anyone in violation to the above rules will not be judged for the prizes.


1. Create an outfit.
– Store:
– Marketplace:

2. Take a picture.

3. Submit the picture to the strip’d Fashion Flickr Group named; SFSC – (Inworld Avatar Name) before Dec. 20th 12am SLT.

Thank you and goodluck!!!

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